the dining table

In Feng Shui design, the dining room is more than a social area but also considered the center of wealth in the home.  Mirrors are good to double the abundance of a table laden with healthy and flavorful foods to be savored and shared with friends and family.  The dining area should be bright and open regardless of the trends for candles and romantic ambiance.

My dining area meets all these criteria except the table and chairs no longer match the decor of the floors, rugs, and chandelier, upgraded three years ago. It’s an awesome double pedestal oval oak table that self-stores two additional leaves and easily extends to seat twelve, but there’s seldom reason now to extend it to its full use in our home.

This home I’ve lived in for 13 years has an eclectic style and each room had a multi-use flavor.  As we’ve distributed our stuff out of our home to daughters, rooms are becoming more single purpose.  Like our dining area is now just for eating and not the place for mail, projects, and paying bills.  This home was purchased with transitional intent and has carried that energy of repair and remodel on the lives of all of our family. (This transitional aspect is still active.)

It was fun to wander around a furniture store knowing that my awesome table and chairs are desired by a daughter as what she wants in her home, even with the chewed on table leg from the puppy 12 years ago.  I don’t have to be practical regarding this table and chairs I chose, then.

Everything but the dining aspect has been moved from our dining area and into my new office.  The business of a home, the books of a writer’s life.  I no longer perch my laptop on the dining table to write.  Even the old TV stand from the living room has a new purpose as a printer stand in my office, which used to be a bedroom.

Now I walk into my dining area and see the memories of when that table was fully extended and laden and surrounded.  There are pictures on the wall of three generations of both our families.  They are all smiling and that wealth and abundance doesn’t need a mirror.

The pictures depict weddings, anniversaries, new babies, children, graduations, the constant change and transition of life. So it is time for a new table.  One that will have a single function as a nice place to eat.

The abundance of living evident on my beloved dining table – with chewed legs and a variety of other mars, cuts, pokes, and character, can move on to be honored in another home, and treasured for the memories.

And since that table I chose in years past will still be in the family, I can visit it and then come home to my new decor.  Feng Shui design promotes creating a new energetic flow as situations change. Memories are important but sometimes life needs to be about creating a new flow of Chi.  A new wealth in the center of a home.

One thought on “the dining table

  1. The dining table rang a bell with me. While our children were growing up we had an old table that was used for virtually everything – including, like you, something for the dog to chew on. Projects were completed on it, my son sat at the table as I taught him to read, and under it when we played hide and seek – and we have laughed our socks off at various meals with family and friends. But now we have a shiny, smart new table and chairs and the link to all of those memories is now only in my mind.


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