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There are a variety resources an author needs to create marketable fiction that brings great stories to readers. One of those I consider the foundation for a writer is a good critique group.  Or at least an awesome critique partner.

What a critique group is – is one to three people who are devoted to the craftsmanship of storytelling, through the venue of words on the page, and invest time and effort into your personal success with your story as well as appreciating your insight and dedication to their success and story. It is the give-and-take balance, in a safe space, that brings value to both the author and the story that forms a strong bond.

In my experience, through the years of writing story, I’ve come to learn the value of a good critique group.  I’ve also been without this support network for years and finally am within that safe space again.  I intend to revel in it. 🙂

The essence of a critique group is found in many relationship/partnership situations on all levels of living life.  This is the friends and family members that know us so well our latest experience can be explained in a few words and they understand the whole story. It’s also in the team players we trust where we work who are invested in the project we all want to succeed.

The essence of a critique group doesn’t wallow in what was, or is.  It’s all about making it better, moving forward, seeing the present for what it is and offering potentials for what can be.

The value of a critique group is entirely our choice.  We can take what they suggest or not.  We also offer our suggestions freely to be used or discarded at the discretion of the author. No one opinion is greater than the other but all opinions have merit. It is the utopia experience when we find a select few who “get” us and we are willing to “get” them.

That’s how I feel about the critique group I now meet with monthly. The potential for my own improvement as a writer is evident.  The potentials of my value of what I bring to the group is also strong.  It’s not dramatic and it will not make the news of the day. Oh well.  Not my intent for today…

A good critique group is based on trust – which is a two-way street – and not exclusive to writing.  But the concept is good for all the agendas we put on our schedules.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to critique group

  1. Interesting post, Terri. Rob has been my critique person, as I am his. I’m not sure how I would do in a group of criitquing people!


  2. terripatrick says:

    Trish, I’m sure you can see the benefit you and Rob bring to your individual and joint writing projects. 🙂 Few of us are so lucky. Finding the right writer to work with as a critique partner is compared to marriage, as is finding the right agent to support your career.

    A good critique partner or two is really good for me. But they are rare and hard to find, which is why I’ve been a lonely only for years and I’m happy those days are done.


  3. rose lefebvre says:

    I enjoy Chrysalis critique group but sometimes it is a little too big to get to everyone. I am glad you have found the perfect group!


    • terripatrick says:

      I enjoyed Chrysalis for years too. But now, a weekly commitment with a potential critique on 4-5 pages of my novel from 10 to 20 readers (few are potential novelists) is no longer what I need. That would be at most 16-20 pages a month.

      Instead there are only 3 readers, who will take up to 50 pages a month, and their focus is only on writing novels. It’s a better balance and benefit for me.


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