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Saturday’s workshop was an author panel and of the five authors, each had a totally different story to tell about their journey so far. Fortunately through the magic of blogs, I can share some of it.

Tawna posted the picture of this author panel and included the links to all authors so check out their websites and books because their style and flavor are very different. It really is an amazing cross section of the variety of stories and styles that are all considered romance novels.

Delilah’s seven points bring the author dream into perspective with an hourly rate of $1.25, the additional time of extensive self promotion, and the wonders of hate mail.

Jessa followed up her insights during the workshop with a blog about what are considered false starts in this career.  Many authors have stories about starting with the wrong agent, Tawna even started with the wrong genre and the line folded the month before her first book hit the stands.

Kristana was told her book would never sell, many times.  WWII love stories through letters?  When vampires and Harry Potter are the hot topic in the theaters?

Which brings me to Cathryn Cade.  She’s the absolute clique romance novelist.  A grade school librarian who writes steamy paranormal romance novels. Her journey was not fraught with drama and in many ways shows why writers are choosing the epub world.  She wrote, submitted, published within months, loves her publishing team, interacts with her readers, wrote another book, and gets monthly royalty statements – all within ONE YEAR!  That’s significant!

But I’m not going to list all the pros and cons of various publishing venues.  Something Delilah said on Saturday has been repeating in my head:

… the routine and time spent to become a writer is also the schedule you carry forth when you are published.

What’s scary about this for me is my writer journey has been riddled with huge disruptions. I am also the type to roll out of bed in the morning with delightful anticipation for what surprises and adventures will come my way during the day.

So now I am making my New Years resolution for 2011 and it is to create a morning ritual for my writer-life because I can attest Polly’s advice for that big glass of water as the first action in the morning is very beneficial.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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  1. Lisa Nowak says:

    Lots of interesting ideas to consider here. Thanks, Terri.


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