in with the new

I sat on the carpet in my empty living room yesterday with my Feng Shui diagrams and reference book.  As I looked around I knew there would be some decorative challenges today because our new couch is red.

The living room, with soft cushions and cozy fabrics, is considered a yin room but red is yang.  A large seascape on the wall had to be removed because it is strong water energy while the red couch beneath it is fire energy. Water on top of fire creates steam and this is not the energy I want in my living room.

The beauty of Feng Shui is that it promotes placement of everything in a room, from furniture to a plant, according to the five elements and the four directions as mapped on the Bagua. There’s a theme for each of the eight areas and associated colors. Bringing such a strong color into a our living room meant it would throw off the whole balance of our decor.

My additional challenge is the shape of the room, the doors and windows.   Our home was “self built” in stages during the 1960’s and that would be a really long story including many “why did he do that?” mysteries about construction choices. The county building permits were incomplete.

So, last night I walked through all the rooms of my home not only thinking of the challenge of this stunning red couch, but also to assess everything in every room. This is the beauty of Feng Shui, it suggests re-placement where moving an object three inches can be as important as taking it to another room. (Or out the door!)

With most puzzles, I like to work on them, study them, then sleep on it.  This morning the sun was bright and I began moving pictures, shifting plant stands and trying out different things. Small area rugs, books, shelves, figurines, and candles, changed rooms. (This included the requirement to dust stuff.)

Yeah, it’s big and bold.  How fun is that?  (That’s an 8×11 rug for a sense of size.) The large seascape was replaced with the 30th Anniversary gift from our girls.

Here’s the other side of this newly defined space.

The other half of the room has an inauspicious flow according to Feng Shui design recommendations.

That black rocker with the white cushion was the one bought for my grandma to use when I was a baby and she moved into our home to help with my care. Those three small square pictures on the wall were painted by my mom when my girls were young.  And that’s what really matters to me in my living room.  However, it really is a majestic and comfy couch.   😀

5 thoughts on “in with the new

  1. Lisa Nowak

    What a challenge! I have a book about cats and Feng Shui. Apparently they’re naturals at this art and will lay in any problem spots to redirect bad energy. If you come up against an unsolvable problem, just try throwing a couple cats n there. 🙂


  2. I think sometimes the house almost dictates the Feng Shui. I never thought about this when we bought our home so not everything is perfect. But I remember reading that it’s not necessary to act upon every feng Shui suggestion – it’s really about balance.

    Love the couch!


  3. rose lefebvre

    My house is Feng stuff…I am seriously contemplating having a large garage sale to lighten the load of a multitude of miscellany. I hope to do so this spring! Anyone want knick knacks?????


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