Celebration orb

The surprise party in honor of our eldest daughter’s 30th birthday included weeks of scheming and stress.  So it was great to finally celebrate and the surprise this weekend was a triple success. We staged it in her new home, which is a dream come true.

Yes, the doom news of the foreclosure crisis is sad.  The stories not told are those families that may never own a home if the property values had not imploded. It’s a weird dichotomy but because the real estate market crashed, a dream out of reach has been achieved.  And it will be treasured.

So here’s a cool picture from the surprise birthday party this weekend. Many collaborated to create a single gift. A dream come true for an avid snowboarder who finally has her own board. 🙂

Here’s a close up of that spherical light distortion to the left.

This is what we consider as an orb caught on camera. The difference between an orb and a light distortion is the definition of what is revealed as we zoom in.  When the details revealed become more defined, it’s an orb not a reflection. This is not the brightest or biggest orb that’s shown up in pictures taken at family parties.

There’s many theories about what orbs may be, my preference is they are an energy of ancestral or angelic flavor that are drawn to celebrations. Since our celebrations include lots of laughter we probably attract happy orbs. Our girls believe these orbs are their grandparents.

My parents loved attending and hosting family parties and heaven wouldn’t be heaven if they couldn’t still do that. So we feel confident our beloved ancestors do join our fun parties.  We don’t think of it at the time but when an orb shows up in a picture taken, it makes the party memories even more fun knowing additional guests joined the celebration.

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