revision track

I’m totally on track with revising my novel. Scenes blocked out, characters redefined, themes and analysis typed in. Deborah Cooke describes her process and except for the knitting, I’ve been doing the same. There’s nothing left to shift in rooms, which has gotten me happily settled into my chair, hands on keyboard.

Larry Brooks is posting 5 analogies for writers which is a great checklist for revising. I wonder what the other 4 analogies will be. 🙂 Story is a vehicle that needs to start with the turn of a key and rumble strong.

These past few months I’ve felt like I was living the last chapters of a Dickens novel. Dickens wrote his novels in serial episodes and those last chapters were full of wild surprises and twists. Characters that served their purpose were lost at sea (in case they had some value for a future story) and many died of the multitude of fast and terminal realities of the day.  Dickens had so many stories to wrap up, and characters to disperse, before the end that he used a broad sword and swept many slates clean.

I’ve had contact with many who feel they’ve lived the same Dickens denouement energy and there’s this sense of completion. Others are tap-dancing in delight at the new that’s been created.

I’m personally in a strange space of discontent. It’s important to recognize discontent. It means the creative well needs to be nourished.

REvision  is a term to apply to more than the story project in process.

I’m currently revisioning myself as a mermaid in need of a vacation.

Thanks for your comments.

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