Letters from Home

Letters from Home by Kristina McMorris follows four unsung WWII heroes during their personal transformations while the second war to-end-all-wars shaped the history of our world. I’m familiar with many WWII movies from The Bridge over the River Kwai to Saving Private Ryan, and the Band of Brothers miniseries.

Kristina brings an additional WWII flavor to Letters with the focus on three women whose lives were forever changed by the war. I personally feel the mastery behind this novel is the romance between Liz and Morgan through letters. Without her letters with Morgan, Liz would have not been transformed by the war. Instead, she may have taught the history of WWII as a professor instead of the potential life to unfold at the end of the novel.

Julia has a fiancé solider and Betty becomes a WAC and they make their choices and change specifically because WWII events affected their lives and this adds great depth and flavor to the story. But Liz doesn’t even know she’s fighting a war within until her contact with Morgan as he is living the war in the trenches.

I personally found the letters as presented to be compelling and very true to the art and craft of letter writing as it existed in the 1940’s. The censorship on personal communication that also existed during WWII meant that both writer and reader needed to truly read-between-the-lines. Bits of poetry and childhood memories shared with the ever present horror of war hanging over their heads truly does reveal a lot about the soul of the person, and love can bloom there.

This novel is enchanting, well paced, and strongly written. Readers will be avidly turning the pages and willing to discuss it for many years to come. There’s even intriguing recipes at the end. 🙂

The website had additional stories, real WWII letters, and more information about the United Through Reading organization.

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2 Responses to Letters from Home

  1. Definitely will check it out!


  2. Loved the WW2 letters. I have a couple my uncle sent to my mother (his sister) when he was in Germany in the 1940s. They say much more than many history books.


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