Story Engineering

Natural disasters in the news always make me feel clouded and sad. Photos of the devastation in Japan began my day with the subsequent Tsunami warnings along our Oregon Coast. I’ve always been fascinated at the engineering for the Kobe airport. I haven’t seen a current photo.

I’ll probably feel sad and clouded for a few days as news continues but I also hold the hope that news will filter through at how much more devastating this could have been, but was not. We will see.

Still, I had to tunnel inward and focus on something I felt was within my control and proactive. Today I was fortunate to already be engaged in a marvelous new writing craft book called Story Engineering by Larry Brooks.

The subtitle is Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing. I must take issue with those last two words because writing is an art that spans everything from Haiku poetry to technical manuals and success is a personal benchmark. However these 6 Core Competencies are the benchmarks for a narrative, whether script or book, to reach an audience.

Larry Brooks was a dynamic teacher and a rather commanding presence at the intimate writer conference I attended in June with my sisters. My personal life was in a high trauma phase that weekend and I really needed the retreat. I just wasn’t absorbing all the stellar information presented then so it’s a good thing Larry published this book.

I find it fascinating that the first time I had access to these 6 Core Competencies presented by Larry Brooks in the room, they didn’t compute because my attention was distracted by a personal trauma. Instead, today while seeking distraction from a natural disaster that clouded me with sadness, the words Larry wrote on the page were in my living room and the inspiration I needed.

That is why I am a writer.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

6 Responses to Story Engineering

  1. It’s difficult not to feel sadness following the Japanese earthquake. It illustrates our vulnerability to the forces of nature.


  2. and a very good writer at that!


  3. Lisa Nowak says:

    So what are the six core competencies?


    • terripatrick says:

      The Six Core Competencies a Storyteller should master are:
      Concept, Character, Theme, Story Structure, Scene Execution and Writing Voice.
      Most craft books focus on one or more of these but Larry’s put them all in one book and breaks down each with some tasty examples.


    • Lisa Nowak says:

      Hmmm. I might have to check that out. I don’t do well with a lot of books on writing because they make me feel angsty about the things I already have nailed. Personal hang-up, I guess. 🙂 Once I get this indie publishing thing figure out I’ll probably try reading them again.


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