webbit tour time

Today began with cuddling a two-month-old baby in town from San Diego with his mom. Then our bride-to-be this summer stopped by to chat wedding plans.

I got in a few hours working on rewrites of my novel. Dinner. Glancing at the TV while compiling our pending marketing workshop with an outline for the companion workbook. It was a full day. 🙂

So here’s some fun stuff I want to share – my friend Nancy’s 2 B A Published Writer Board Game.

Another Nancy’s post on repetitive numbers and the shorthand meaning behind triplets from 111-999.

Jessa Slade’s 3rd book in her Marked Souls series is on the selves and she got to see a customer actually choose it!

In the course of cyberspace development, Nathan points out the energy behind virtual witch hunts. While it is sad this type of stuff happens, it is good that Nathan is using the same cyber tool to shine light on this issue.

At Ted.com this talk by Chade-Meng Tan of Google reveals that Compassion can be Fun and Profitable.  Now this would be a great topic for Polly’s creative visualization exercise.

And just to keep this webbit tour balanced, Mike posted about The Failed Predictions of Jehovah Witnesses.

I hope all those links work since Mercury is retrograde (until the 23rd) and while the energy is the flavor of revision and regroup, Mercury is also know to cause communication glitches. 🙂

I think I also heard it was the coldest April 6th on record for Portland, Oregon.


5 thoughts on “webbit tour time

  1. This Merc retro: wow, I can’t wait for it to be over. If you get a chance, head over to huffingtonpost and scroll down and read M.J. Rise’s piece on self-publishing. The industry is definitely changing.


  2. Yup, all your links work. Just for the record, you can check them in advance by clicking the “preview” button and then following the links. But maybe you’ve already figured that out. That board game is pretty depressing. 🙂 I prefer to be in denial about the writing process.


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