a touch of Sun and Mercury

The sun in Aries is initiating energy (spring!) and lots of my friends and family have new ventures planned! New jobs, new homes, new life plans, and a plethora of weddings and babies. This gives me a nice distraction from news of disasters, deaths, financial and government crisis, and holes in airplanes. My intent is to spend as much time where the sun shines. Or as today, outside in the sun between bouts of hail.

Now to the Mercury aspects – it is retrograde and the flavor until the 23rd is revision and regroup. I’d like to add a the word “respect” to the trickster energy of Mercury this month.

Today I began rewrites of Chapter Nine. It’s an important chapter with a dramatic water rescue and shows the depth of the heroes issues. I began the rewrite to remove a 4th POV character from the novel. While it was fun writing from her perspective it really diluted dramatic impact. The main action was related in retrospect instead of on the page in present time.

Instead I researched the type of boat involved, including engine size, and charted the river route the hero had to take to determine how long before he arrived on the scene. Then I realized why I’ve kept this book on-the-self since it was originally created. The story triggers memories of loss. The loss of river adventures that I adored so much I wrote a whole novel around them.

This is a good clarity for the character issues in the novel. My personal memories are more nostalgic than sad now because I’m focused on exciting potentials not just in the book but in my life. This is why I’ve added respect to all the “re” words associated to Mercury retrogrades.

Revision, regroup, retrospect, and remember, so we can respect who we are and how we embrace why we live. That’s where I am, in the midst of multiple projects with my mother-of-the-bride role on my current agenda.

Now I have to add a link for all of you to check out Megan MacGreggor’s beautiful dolphin art.  Enjoy!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

10 Responses to a touch of Sun and Mercury

  1. A ‘touch of sun’ that’ll do for me, and I’ve a holiday planned to Crete, after Mercury has moved on.
    … and love Megan’s dolphon art too.


  2. Lisa Nowak says:

    I get you about the loss triggers. I don’t feel that so much from writing about racing as I do from watching it, something I need to make a part of my life again now that I’m about to publish and market my books. I need to be immersed in that world and know it because race fans are my audience. I still get a thrill watching cars go around the track, but I feel that loss, too. It’s not just the loss of participating in the sport, but the loss of a lifestyle and community, not to mention the loss of youth.


    • terripatrick says:

      I cut this quote out of a magazine a long time ago: “Powerful emotions such as fear, grief and loss can open the way to some of your best work.”

      I advise writing about those emotions from a place of strength, peace and abundance. 😀


  3. Roxie says:

    Sometimes our writing is better than psychiatry for figuring out what’s going on in our heads.


  4. Roxie says:

    Sometimes our writing is better than psychiatry for figuring out what’s going on in our heads.

    Does WordPress let you sign up as a follower? I can’t find it.


  5. Trish says:

    Revise, rethink, rewrite: the re is what Merc retro is all about and it seems you’re making good use of it. You seem to have a rare ability to take a left-brain look at what is essentially a right-brain creation. And THAT is something to treasure.

    Thank you, again, for mentioning Megan’s art. I think it’s renewed her self confidence or something.

    And Mike: Crete??? Oh, I’m envious,.


    • terripatrick says:

      My mom and sister both studied and practiced painting in a variety of mediums so I see much more in Megan’s creations than just pretty colors that evoke an emotion. I see the talent and details too.


  6. I am glad to hear that your writing is blossoming as spring starts springing. It’s those pesky revisions that I hate. Ah, if things would only come out perfect the first time when it is written….lol


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