**disclaimer: astrology references commence **

There’s usually an event that stands out in our memories as when the course of our life shifts. There are the chosen ones like weddings, births, graduations, moves, and more. Then there are the events that are a surprise.

Surprise events with a dramatic impact are the inciting incidents in a story and the hero begins a journey that transforms them.  There’s a lot of denial, wishing for what was, and no clue what is yet to come…

One of these life shifting events for me was a phone call on Mother’s Day in 2002. The news was, Mom had been accepted for Hospice House.

There were a bunch of things in my life at that time like unemployment, financial challenges, and living in an animal-infested-hovel in the wilds of Oregon. Where it rains, a lot. The truth is, there were two dogs, a horse, a cat, a bunny and the hovel was a bit old and tawdry but rock solid with decent landscaping and energy efficient appliances. However, I loved working downtown and wearing skirts and nice shoes while chatting with influential people around the globe. And for a few years in my life I was almost doing that.

Mother’s Day has always been an emotional roller coaster day. I’m a mother of four amazing women yet I never intended to take the mommy-track-career. I’m a daughter of a polio quadriplegic which means my mothering skills are more analytical than nurturing. I learned to tie my shoes by direction, not by example. And if I needed a hug it required some maneuvering around the wheelchair.

A lot of tricks and clues are popping up during this current Mercury retrograde. I blame Ed for all of them. He’s the father of those amazing women and he was born under a Mercury retrograde. That means that for a few weeks, a few times a year, he’s in his zone and may actually compute what his wife has to say. The rest of the time he’s flying mach two with his hair on fire.

So I checked the ephemeris and yes, on May 16th, in 2002, Mercury stationed and turned retrograde. That was in Gemini air energy and today in 2011 the Mercury-retrograde-trickster is in Aries fire energy.  Which means this Taurus Earth mother, with a watery moon in Scorpio, is on a new path with no clue where she’s going. But I did officially announce to my daughters last month that I’ve retired from motherhood.

We’ll see what the next nine years will present.

The mommy-track career was not my intention decades ago. I must have known on some level it was the toughest career because it requires being the advocate for dreams. It’s really awesome to see dreams manifest and know you were part of their foundation.

I like to reflect on what I’ve done so far on my life journey and how it is integrated into who I am today.

The moon is full and sunshine is forecast for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “reflection

  1. Retired from motherhood? I didn’t realise you could do that. Don’t think I’d ever want to retire from fatherhood, but maybe that’s not such a difficult path.

    The next nine years will bring you whatever you wish and concentrate on. As I see it we make our own future with what we think, say and do today. Good luck!


  2. A mother is always a mother, by that you could still reminiscent the actions and gestures of a mother at back of your mind. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.


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