A new adventure

Our friend Anne is soon off on a new adventure and we gathered to wish her well on this new chapter in her life.

The awesome lady in the white shirt, in the middle of my family, is off to the other side of the country soon. She’ll be living where she’s always dreamed to live. She’ll be doing the work she loves the most. She’ll be getting paid more than she ever has.

To take this adventure she had to be willing to take the risk. She’d created a pretty awesome life. A home, a family of pets, and a great collection of friends and activities. There was truly nothing lacking from the life she created. Her six-year-old granddaughter visited weekly. Her daughter considers Anne – a best friend. Her son truly adores – his mom. And her son-in-law, well, he’s an awesome character! Who adores his mother-in-law!

Earlier this month, her daughter threw a surprise birthday party for Anne. We learned that night it was her first, ever. Not even her mother had celebrated Anne’s birthday, not once.

When we moved to Oregon in ’97, my intent was to give my daughters more family-and people -to enrich their lives. Anne was there from the beginning of our new adventure. I could not envision then the brilliant example of courage and resilience that she has become for my family.

When the potentials of Anne’s new adventure appeared it was a tough choice. Happiness was present and assured. But. The dream. Oh, the dream.

Though 54 years old, Anne took the advice she would give her children. Reach for the prize.  And she is. The future is always waiting to be written. Anne’s will be stellar!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to A new adventure

  1. Good for Anne! If you don’t reach, if you don’t take a risk, then you always wonder what if…


  2. I agree with Trish, it’s no good living life and thinking what might have been. But it does take a lot of courage and strength. Good luck to Anne and her new adventure. It’s wonderful to hear such a positive story.

    On a personal note, I will be away from the blogging scene for about 18 days – we are off to Crete for a break (without computers or phones!). I have, however, managed to do a post in advance for every day while I’m away. Will catch up on your blog on my return. Best wishes, Mike.


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