The Mom Journey

Mother’s Day has always been a strange day for me and I truly mean, always. The “Honor Mom” concept became more strange when I realized I was a mom-to-be-honored.

The example of creating online profiles adds to my amusement because there is a whole list: woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, job title, volunteer role, etc. This makes Mother’s Day feel like a once a year tribute to my shoulders and hips. Some could argue it’s a tribute to my heart and uterus. Which part of mom are we honoring? The internal or external?

My annual cruise through cards in honor of Mother’s Day was either attacked like a bull in a china shop, slinked into like I was entering a serpents den, or approached with power-suit-on and the determination to face the challenge. I WOULD find The Right Card!!

Since 1983, this took place a few days before Mother’s Day because then I would address and stamp the card, and drop it in the mail box.  I had to find two, one card for Mom, one for Ed’s mom and the cards had to be very different.

I’m all for honoring Moms! It’s an exceptional job and sometimes decades pass before the real value is seen. But it’s really weird to be on the receiving end of honor for a piece of me. Fortunately my girls sort of get that and gift me with treasures like the roses above. My mom painted lots of pictures of roses.

I love being the woman who birthed and helped raise four unique and individual women. Raising a child really does take a village and after I gave birth to them I was just doing my job as best I could. I stumbled around a lot, I made a ton of mistakes. I was always trying to learn to do better as a mom while also being the best me.

And as our girls have become women, they have come to understand my influence as their mom is integrated through my past, my dreams, my skills and also my relationship with their dad. Because that matters a lot. In their childhood, Mom made the home, Dad brought the adventures.

My mom was very aware of the importance of her role to train and encourage her children to become happy and responsible individuals and members of our society. She daily appreciated that she was alive and contributing to our journey through life. It was Dad’s dedication to Mom’s health and happiness that was a primary factor of how Mom influenced our childhood and choices as adults.

So while I do celebrate Mother’s Day it is more because I’m honoring the exceptions of society. Once a year we give tribute to a biological process that gave us life. And next month we’ll honor the other half of that process with our attention on Father’s Day.

5 thoughts on “The Mom Journey

  1. Roxie

    Finding a card was such a struggle because teh, “You’ve always been there when I needed you.” cards didn’t work, nor did the, “You sacrificed so much for me.” I needed a card with flowers, lace, rhinestones, and a heartfelt, “You did the best you could, I guess. I’m sorry it was so hard. You get credit for trying! I love you.” Mom was an alcoholic – one of those housewives who put on a good front, or at least try to, and drink Johnny Walker in diet Coke.


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