3 times is the charm

“Pay attention” was the phrase used in my school days, it’s been changed to, “Listen up” and “Get a clue” and lots of other phrases. Polly Campbell posted on how Paying Attention is the Key to Success and it’s a great article and I look forward to her practices for honing awareness.

I pay attention but not for a key or to achieve something so ethereal and individual as success. I pay attention because it’s fun. It makes life rich and vibrant and can help me make choices.

Mike Perry posted how paying attention and the power of three can be a way to make a choice, like hearing three people talk about their vacation in Crete is how he chose to do the same. I use this same method.

I’ll get an idea or gut reaction but not take action. Instead I’ll quietly formulate the idea until it feels good. Then I get on with doing my thing (chores, errands, socializing) until something supports that idea. But I need more than one nudge of encouragement, if I get three, that idea is now on my agenda. 🙂

5 thoughts on “3 times is the charm

  1. I suppose paying attention is a little like “be here now”, huh? Great advise that’s not always easy to implement of remember, but something to aspire to all the same.


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