annual review

Annual Review

My astrologer sister reviewed my solar return in honor of my birthday on Friday the 20th. (Trish MacGreggor has a post about the mundane aspects on the 21st. These aspects also apply to my solar return.) According to my sister, my chart has the flavor of graduation. We reviewed my life lessons over lunch and peanut butter pie at the Veritable Quandary.

The Graduation flavor is a completion of being schooled and the new opportunities to test our skills in the world. Graduation marks the transition from student to business professional. How long have I been in this school of mystery and who’s going to hand me a diploma of mastery? Is it a karmic graduation? If so, when did it start? And as stellar and beneficial as the aspects may be, there’s a double dose of Pluto and Saturn in the mix and they are considered ponderous and malefic.

She also feels I’m going to be very busy creating the life of my dreams this year. Doesn’t that sound gentle and rewarding?  We feel it will manifest as if I’m in my kayak but it’s jet propelled. 🙂

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to annual review

  1. Trish says:

    Terri – so your solar return falls on 5/21?? @ what time?


  2. So you are going to be ‘very busy creating the life of your dreams this year’ – enjoy the ride even if it’s jet propelled. Take care and hang on tight.


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