Memories in the making

Our Memorial Day traditions changed three years ago when we attended a barbecue hosted by friends at their family vacation spot. All the men are vets and proud to have served their country because life with their families, and the liberty to make a difference, is why they served.  Their pursuit of happiness revolves around aviation and is how we met. By the time we returned to our home that day, Ed and I were already negotiating the purchase of property to create our own family vacation spot a few lots down the road.

The property was raw and undeveloped. Water, power, and a septic system were installed thirty years prior but it remained vacant. The changes we made were substantial within three months of taking ownership of the land. Now, three years later, it’s got a lush lawn and a huge storage building for the toys of choice for our family. This past weekend, we attended two family pot luck meals with these friends, and brought three young boys to the event. It’s good to introduce a new generation to the benefits of pursuing happiness. Eventually these boys will appreciate the life and liberty concepts.

As a writer, I have studied how to use the power of three to show transformation within a character or along a story arc. Jessa Slade posted a simple 1-2-3 about how the good stories from our memories transform. My only issue with this post is Jessa’s reference to herself as a semi-professional storyteller. She is a Professional Storyteller and her muse is Monster Girl.

I love messages from numbers and for the number 3, I envision a three-legged stool which symbolizes the first stage of being grounded and able to balance. It’s a stable platform and the three legs of the stool represent concepts that all begin with the letter “C”, the 3rd letter in the alphabet. Communication. Creativity. Compassion. Those are the three truths I want on the legs of the stool where I sit, to write.

This weekend the “C” words were camping, cooking, and community. There were lots of memories shared and stories retold amid tons of laughter and good food. Many of my untold memories revealed three years as a time frame between a significant event that generated transformation on some areas of my life. The three years message was important because I am the type who wants to achieve the goal, yesterday.

Memorial Day used to be flavored with reflection on events and generations in our past. But now our family celebrates the new beginning. Our grandsons will not be able to say we personally fought for their freedom within a war machine. Instead they will remember happy adventures with the really cool toys from kayaks to airplanes.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to Memories in the making

  1. Trish says:

    Beautifully said, Terri. You peg what’s important now.


  2. Roxie says:

    Sounds like the start of a lovely summer!


  3. Like your take on the number 3. And to remember happy adventures, it’s what we wish for all children, everywhere.


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