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I’ve decided The Library is one of those golden life truths I’ve always known but had forgotten.  I’ll be busy with events and projects through the weekend but I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a webbit tour for my readers. I’ve continued my weekly trips to the library so here’s updates on what I’ve watched or read.


Fool’s Rush In, 1997, with Mathew Perry and Salma Hayek – fun and colorful clash of cultures story. It would have been better as a thick novel because it covered a lot of time and distance by using site gags and stereotypes. The scenery was awesome.

Bella, 2006, with Eduardo Verástegui and Tammy Blanchard – intriguing character study of one pivotal day in the lives of two people in NYC. It was a bit confusing with the flash-forward-backward scenes and left lots of open ends even with a tidy epilogue. It would take two views to really get all the nuance and subtlety but I’d probably cry through it the second time.

The World’s Fastest Indian, 2005, with Anthony Hopkins – I was fascinated by the time frame and storyline. It seems to be slow moving but it’s rich with details and fascinating characters. I’ll describe it as a literary, 1967 adventure/quest story with a motorcycle and amazing scenery. (Mike, this is an On The Road story you might like.)

He’s Just Not That Into You, 2009, this was enjoyable enough to watch twice and has a solid cast of talented actors portraying wacky characters. I’ll probably watch it again as the “issues” are of interest me because, while I might consider them odd, my future readers may “totally relate”. 😀

Contemporary Romance Novel: I chose two randomly from the shelves.  Lead Me On by Julie Ortolon was a fun read with a nice twist on the shy, and wounded, heroine and brooding hero.  I liked the setting and secondary characters. The second book I didn’t read because 1. I did not like the characters or premise in the first chapter; 2. I thought the heroine was overloaded with too many BIG issues to still be so clueless and controlling; 3. I was a bit spooked out this book was also set at a family owned waterfront B&B, like Lead Me On.

Memoirs read: Growing Up Again by Mary Tyler Moore and I already posted about it. The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan is good and deserves a post of its own. Maybe next week.

Here’s the bonus:

I’m currently reading: Miracle on the Hudson: The Survivors or Flight 1549 Tell Their Extraordinary Stories of Courage, Faith, and Determination. I’m on page 140 and the passenger list and appendixes begin on page 214 so am close enough to the end of the story to state – read it! It’s the most compelling story I’ve read in a long time and it’s well presented by William Prochnau and his wife Laura Parker.

That’s the tour. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “library webbit tour

    1. That’s the beauty of our library, even the movies are free for 7 days. They give me a whole month for the books. 😀

      The library in my childhood was within a sprawling old stone manse and there always seemed to be another room full of books to explore. The library in my teen years was state of the art and spacious. The Oregon City Library is temporarily housed in an historic building and it’s now nostalgic to have it on my schedule every week.


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