completed chapters

The story of our life is a journey that is never done. As my friend Kaylin Mcfarren states in her latest newsletter:

Life is full of choices. We can view the ending of a chapter in our lives as just that – an end. Or we can view it as the beginning of the next chapter, brimming with possibilities for new experiences, opportunities, challenges and rewards.

I’ve been feeling this completion energy in many areas of my life this year. At each out-with-the-old there is a pause and reassessment regarding what will be in-with-the-new. Today was another end-of-chapter day.

For over a year, Ed’s attention has been on two aviation related legal actions. Both included the intent of fraud and Ed’s involvement in both was to clarify the facts and empower the victims, and the law, for justice. These two unrelated legal actions were brought to completion suddenly, one on Saturday and the other on Monday, with less drama or fight than expected.

One of those legal actions was an “I have a dream” scenario of running a resort except it would require use of, and create risk and liability to, private property owned by the rest of the neighborhood. Dreams are ethereal and free. There’s a tangible difference between dreams and goals and it’s how we achieve our goals that creates a good story. Or in the resort example, a stellar failure for one and new foundations for everyone else.

Jessa Slade posted about dreams and the regrets people express at death. As Jessa said, everyone will have some regret but:

The top regret listed was not having “the courage to live a life true to myself” and not “honour[ing] even a half of their dreams.”

Sounds so easy to follow your dreams. Like the only reason those dying people hadn’t followed their dreams was because nobody had showed them a top five list of things they were going to kick themselves for later if only they had the strength and flexibility.

Unlike a novel, the next chapter in life does not begin on the next page or day. Life chapters can span years; with numerous subplots, random characters, dead ends, acts of God, and long pauses between action scenes where the primary goal is learning comma placement and the role of the semicolon. (How’d I do?)

Pauses between life chapters can be very busy. After editing 18 pages of transcripts from the no-resort meeting, I then searched my yard and gardens for smooth stones to wash. These will be part of the decorations at the wedding in two weeks. I’ll do a lot of dreaming and celebrating this summer but will be cautious about making new life goals.

Dreams … take time … resources, focus, effort. … The potential of the dream may be the only reward for the pursuit. And the pursuit of one dream — by its nature — will likely negate the possibility of pursuing something else. Jessa Slade

I do live true to myself and appreciate the life choices I’ve made so far. Life may have been easier if I followed different paths than those chosen but I’ve always felt regret was a waste of energy. However, this recognition of a life chapter being complete is unique in my experience. It’s exciting because it means a blank page, and before I choose the first word, brainstorming and dreaming are required.

We need to remember that it’s never too late to become the person we could have been. … So why sit alone on a footstool when you can shoot for the stars? Kaylin McFarren

2 thoughts on “completed chapters

  1. Roxie

    Gaugain followed his dreams to Tahiti and became painter. He abandoned a wife and children back in France, and lived in poverty and squallor in Tahiti, but by God, he followed his dreams. You pays your money and you takes your choices. I let my dreams range widely, then write them down and sell them as novels.


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