shifting to normal

Normal is a relative term and seldom applies to my family. An impromptu party developed on Saturday with all the relatives still in town. We played with babies, toddlers, and children. We discussed our current and deceased family members, cultures around the globe, getting lost in Powell’s Books, jewelry, crystals, and herbs. The herb discussion led to recipes and garden designs.

Sunday was devoted to return trips, and notifications of safe arrivals. Two returned to Ohio, after a missed red-eye connection in Chicago. A young mother and her four-month-old had a pleasant flight to San Diego though their seat-mate had tomato juice splattered on her shoes. Two left for a college preparation excursion in New Orleans, and two boys and their mom enjoyed a weekend camping trip in Cove Palisades. The bride-and-groom will soon begin their honeymoon in Hawaii.

My Monday focus was recycling and returning supplies, a scheduled conference call, a pending workshop, picking up dry cleaning, paying bills. Sharon and I spent the evening chatting about all that transpired and as it was a sister slumber party, and wine was involved, we also solved the mysteries of the universe.

I am now in the “after the wedding” time and space with a new normal to create. I think I’ll take a nap. 😀

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to shifting to normal

  1. Normal can be good. Enjoy whatever.


  2. Trish says:

    OK, do tell about the mysteries that were solved!


  3. rose says:

    How was the nap?


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