after the wedding

The bride and groom are back from their honeymoon and I’m in this strange place of now called – after the wedding.  Those three words became a litany this spring as many other projects and opportunities were in process. I focused on the tasks as needed but oft repeated the phrase, “I’ll give this more attention after the wedding.”

The wedding presented awesome stories spread before me like a fanned deck of cards. Many unique and wild characters stood out from the deck and revealed themselves as jokers, queens, aces, and more. I could easily spend a month making notes for future stories. But I haven’t because I was asked to move the Characterization by the Stars workshop I offered to present to my writer group – to July, which means this Saturday, instead of in September.

I also agreed to complete two business projects this month, one a tech writing job, the other is to audit a small non-profit’s set of financial records. I got word that my marketing partner and I are now on the back-up list as workshop presenters at a conference in October.

Both business projects and scheduled workshops were confirmed during the week of wedding activities and before my sister Rose returned to Ohio. We chuckled that I’d better get the final chapters of my novel to my critique partners as an editor may soon be asking for the polished complete. And, I’d better hustle on the editorial comments on my memoir. These are tasks I stated would become my focus after-the-wedding.

But before I could nap, my sister Sharon wanted us to wind down together and forwarded this Inelia Benz interview with Bill Ryan from Project Avalon. I downloaded the 29-page-transcript and took it to our slumber-party.  This meant the first thing I did after the wedding was delve into aliens, multiple-time/life lines, and galactic potentials. Which would be really beneficial if I wrote paranormal novels.

The reasons for our shared interest are many but the main one is, Sharon and I were raised under the pending Armageddon (the Apocalypse energy) and Ms. Benz clearly stated it’s not gonna happen anymore. Humanity is about 70% complete in balancing the rules of our evolution game to a more positive playing field on Mother Earth. (She didn’t state how long before that 30% of fear and war negativity will end.) Our dad did state, in 2003, that we didn’t have to worry about the Armageddon stuff anymore and could live with the potential of a future. But Dad didn’t tell us girls, he told one of our nephews, who shared the news with me after Dad’s funeral.

I’ve always planned the potential for a future. I’ve often said, “the future is yet to be written and I’m going to write it.” This applies to all as we are the authors of our life story. But when it rains, it pours. In Oregon the rains have stopped and the weather is gorgeous. This means Ed has to rebuild an old laptop for my use so I can meet all these deadlines and still spend these prime weeks at our summer place.

I’m also recovering from a bowling party. Show-off injuries. I’ll save that story for another post.  Also, coming soon, a review of Spirit of the Mountain by Paty Jager – a book to savor. 😀

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to after the wedding

  1. Agreed that we are all authors of our life story – problem can be that sometimes we all have an ‘after the wedding’ type situation. Guess we have to make sure that’s it’s not just an excuse for putting things off.


  2. Trish says:

    Also am a subscriber to our being the authors of our own stories. But welive on a planet with 6 or 8 billion others, so our stories get mixed up sometimes. We can’t control what the others do or think. We only have access to and control of our own little corners.


  3. rose says:

    Sounds like your plate is over-abundantly filled! Good luck with all of your projects.


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