sport passions

I could probably do an analytical essay on the passion within the team and the fan base to build community through sports. There are movies that show how sports can even help heal towns and countries like: Invictus, We Are Marshall, Remember the Titans. Choose a sport and there’s a movie or book and they are uplifting stories.

My girls are into snowboards, horses, dirt bikes, and more. I’ve explained that my passion for romance novels is like their sporting passions but they all shake their heads because the only thing on the line in my novels of choice are the characters hearts. Ed is into anything aviation related and this past weekend he and our grandson watched remote control airplanes compete over the lake, took a flight in Ed’s Cub, and road dirt bikes. I have a bicycle and a kayak, no engines or competitions for me. 🙂

However, for most of my life I’ve been involved in the sport of focus for every season of the year from softball leagues, dressage competitions, rodeos, motocross races and air shows. I get the whole energy of the events, the dedication and skill, and have never taken a book with me to read at a sporting event. I’d rather take pictures, talk to others, or run the snack stand.

Which leads me Lisa Nowak’s YA adventure novel Running Wide Open. Her blog post, Off to the Races touches on many layers of the local stock car scene. It also shows the passion Lisa brought to creating her book.

Lisa also owns a landscaping business and has been called an “engine exhaust junkie” from a post as her work season was starting in March.

But Lisa took an additional journey to bring this book to her fans. Lisa had requests from agents and publishers, but the changes they wanted were not good. Then Lisa joined a team who were creating a new publishing venture but the additional work to publish others books was too much. Finally she decided to self publish and I’ve really liked being a fan on the sidelines of her story.

Her fans will be thrilled to know she’s working on sequels.

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4 Responses to sport passions

  1. says:

    And her book is for sale!!! Patricia “Pat” Lichen also has her book KIDNAPPING THE LORAX for sale, too. SANNA, SORCERESS APPRENTICE, written by Roxanna Matthews, is also for sale! AND the book by Alice Lynn, VOLUNTEER FOR GLORY, is also available!
    Check them out!


    • terripatrick says:

      They are all on my To-Be-Read list. I hope to get to read them all soon. I plan to have a promo page somewhere, dedicated only to those authors I know and love. It’s on my To-Do list for after-the-wedding and before-the-end-of-the year. This is one reason why I love this whole new ebook technology, these books will still be available with a link.

      Readers who want to check out the books Rose mentioned, go to and happy reading!


  2. Trish says:

    I think ebooks are the wave to ride!


  3. Lisa Nowak says:

    This was such a nice surprise, Terri. Thanks so much for the shout out. It’s also very cool to learn of your involvement in sporting activities, and a bit more about your daughters. 🙂


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