wonderfully busy

Summer fun and juggling lots of projects makes me happy. Everyone I know is also extra busy right now, some of them like it too. 🙂

7/17/2011 marked the 14th anniversary of our family move to Oregon.  That journey is worthy of its own story and I’m suddenly inspired to begin writing it. It may take more than a year to complete it, or it may have been percolating long enough in my psyche to fly onto the page. Well, the first draft will…

Nothing inspires me to get busy completing projects-on-hand more than being inspired by a new story to begin. It’s a 14 year-old-story but I can’t begin something unless I know how it ends, and now I know how what was initiated then, has become a grander story than even I could imagine.

There was lots of conflict; drama, choices, challenges, loss, illness, and hurts, which makes good stories. But there’s also growth, happiness, and new stories created from the ashes, which makes better stories.

So here’s a mini webbit tour for you: Visit Costa Rica and go ziplining (this is the third time this month someone raved about it) ; reignite passion into your relationship (I’ve got more passion posts in process);  shave the cat (lots of cat stuff in my life right now); changed weather patterns (yep, she lives in my neighborhood);  how to serve the food (we had an impromptu dinner party on Saturday); and why writers stare (and why others don’t think we’re working.)

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “wonderfully busy

  1. I know just what you mean about being busy and happy about it. I’m actually a tad too busy for my tastes, but I’m enjoying the things I’m doing. It’s just that I don’t have enough time to get them done. Sorry I haven’t been around to comment, and thanks for the mention.


    1. Like Lisa, I really have been a tad too busy but one was a short thing, another was getting the final chapters off to critique partners. And for some reason, I always forget it’s Wednesday until the afternoon. 😀


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