getting it done

Novel, done. Well… got the final chapters to my critique partners.

Financial audit of a sister-writer-chapter, done. I try to keep my former life experience in accounting a secret but – the treasurer knew. Good experience, glad that life is over… Realized from this exercise that I have to get my business accounts in order for what my future will entail…

October conference arrangements, done.

Still pending: Thank you notes to contest judges that gave me high marks, even in the internal/external conflict portion!  Yeah, I’ve killed the nice police and have graduated as a novelist to happily inflict trauma on my characters.

Still pending: Article on my characterization-by-the-stars workshop, as requested by attendees. 🙂 This workshop integrates my years of dedication to the craft of storytelling with the hero’s journey as first defined by Joseph Campbell; the Goal/Motivation/Conflict objectives as defined by Deb Dixon, and Michael Hauge’s – Story Mastery templates…  all integrated with my understanding of basic astrology…

Currently distracted by:  a random tech writing job that came out of nowhere (which means it’s important for reasons of professionalism) and is connecting me with a more recent past life as an independent business/tech writing consultant. I’m going to assume the lesson of this project is related to the financial value of my time and effort. But I’m also getting great characterization insights and story fodder from this project.

I’ve got a mermaid on my windowsill. My friend Morgan was recently at the coast with her parents and when she saw the mermaid she thought of me, and my novel. So she bought the gift for me. A mermaid holding a sea star in her hands.

As I’m getting projects done, I’m also getting warm and fuzzy encouragements about who I am, and the past lives that are done, and the new ones being created.

6 thoughts on “getting it done

  1. Vonnie Alto

    Hi Terri,

    I can’t wait to read your astrology article. I’m so looking forward to it! How I envy your mastery of internal/external conflict. That is something that I need to master better–or should I say manipulate?


  2. Sounds like you’re staying really busy. I totally understand about those jobs that are important for reasons of professionalism. I’ve got a couple landscaping jobs that have popped up and are in the same category. you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, but at this point, anything that distracts me from revisions on my upcoming books is stressful. I have four others that I could publish if I just had the time to go through them and add the final touches.


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