Passions Run Amuck

I thought I was showing my age or Midwest upbringing by choosing the AMUCK word for the title but it’s a variant of the word AMOK which means: a murderous frenzy that has traditionally been regarded as occurring especially in Malaysian culture.

Almost every thing I read or hear has this amok flavor right now, whether it is about politics or publishing. I’ve heard about personal confrontations, fights against bad business practices, and neighborhoods divided. I’ve even been accused of ignorance for not avidly following the latest frenzy on the news.

Family friends returned this week after living in Maidenhead (near London) for three years and three months. The two girls are now eight and five, with British accents and strong relationships with their fathers family who are scattered around England and Switzerland.

The parents wanted to broaden their girls cultural horizons and nurture long distance relationships. Now in Oregon, the parents priorities are to find jobs and prepare the girls for school. They will avoid the national news for a few weeks even though the USA is under another financial crisis.  Their home, left behind for this adventure, is fine though the weeds have run amuck in the yard as the renters left three months earlier.

My sister Rose sent me this New York Times link about how Israeli women are running amuck and smuggling Palestinian women through the country for a day at the beach, a great meal, and the opportunity to smoke in public.

Ms. Aharoni was asked her thoughts. She replied: “For 44 years, we have occupied another country. I am 53, which means most of my life I have been an occupier. I don’t want to be an occupier. I am engaged in an illegal act of disobedience. I am not Rosa Parks, but I admire her, because she had the courage to break a law that was not right.”

The influence of Rosa Parks is rippling through the women of Israel and Palestine, 56 years later. This is an example of the butterfly effect as it is not limited to time and space.

Change is often resisted because there is comfort in the status quo. Change is what gives us life experiences that become the seeds for wisdom and joy. A desire for change can unleash all kinds of wild passions and they will run amuck for a time.

I’m going to return to my writer cave and contemplate how high school musicals and the disco craze made an impact on my life in the ’70’s…

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