the 3 thing

I’ve written 333 posts and decided that’s a significant number to note.   Except I noted it then went to bed and forgot about it.

On Tuesday, Mercury stationed to turn retrograde until the 26th, and the weather was gorgeous so I chose outdoor tasks of trimming and watering the flowers, washing my car and the lawn chairs. As I spruced up my yard I was thinking about one of the vignettes in my memoir that’s not working, and I was meal planning for upcoming events. Later I did errands; bought toner for my printer, returned library books, and purchased items for those meals.

On my way home, I stopped in the left turn lane (two lanes turn left) and there were two cars already waiting at the red light. I love to play the license plate game and have developed a personal shorthand for what the numbers mean and what the letters represent. The car in front of me had 733 on the license plate then I noticed the car in the next lane also had 733. I was stunned. I’ve never had identical numbers next to each other like that and I decided my shorthand interpretation of number messages may not be enough. There was nothing else, make, model or color, about the cars that was similar.

My favorite reference book about numbers is Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, Copyright 1987. This book also contains an alpha numeric key for what number is associated to a specific letter according to ancient Chaldean-Kabala system.

I plugged in the numbers for the letters that were also on those license plates and the three letters BND & CCX, both add to 11. So, the identical message was 733 11. This made it more fun to research and play with numbers and letters, and surreal as 33’s kept popping up. If anyone has insights or ideas about this double 733 11 – feel free to share. 😀

Then I remembered the 333 blog posts and I checked a cheat sheet on the message behind triples.  333 = Decision number. Time to make a decision.

I have lots of decisions to make and every choice has layers which means a little decision I make could become a big deal. Or what seems like a big decision might really be a little step (or left turn) on the overall journey of my life.

For your own fun, here’s the letter-to-number association with the planetary vibration:

A I J Q Y – are # 1 – Sun

B K R – are # 2 – Moon

C G L S –  are # 3 – Jupiter

D M T – are # 4 – Uranus

E H N X – are # 5 – Mercury

U V W – are # 6 – Venus

O Z – are # 7 – Neptune

F P – are # 8 – Saturn

The number 9 is not used so the energy of Mars is not aligned to any letters. And, the ancients obviously knew that Pluto is not a planet.

Also note:  W W W  = 6 6 6  (World Wide Web = mark of the devil)

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to the 3 thing

  1. Interesting! No light on 733 11, I’m afraid. I did notice, however, that The Daily Show (I’ve no idea what this is!) is made at 733 11th Ave., NY.


  2. Lisa Nowak says:

    What an amazing coincidence! Also, congrats on 333 blog posts. I think I just passed 111. All this number stuff is fascinating. If I just had a little extra time I might explore it more.


  3. Trish says:

    Love the numbers stuff, keep it coming! Years ago, rob had an experience with identical words and sequential nunbers on two license plates: zen 665 and zen 666


  4. rose L says:

    LOL! Love that about the WWW!!!!


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