seaside and sunset

 I love Newport so we took our grandson there for a few days. This is him taking a picture of the bridge from the deck of our room on Yaquina Bay. We climbed both lighthouses, toured the NOAA science center and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

We ate clam chowder and amazing seafood at Mo’s and watched the sea lions sunbathe on the docks beside the seafood processing plants.

It was Devon’s first trip to Newport and Ed and I enjoyed a lot of activities we would not have experienced without an 8-yr-old grandson. He had a boredom scale with 10 being really bored and 1 being not bored at all.

Most activities outside of the truck rated 2 to -5 on that scale. However, it may take a week for us grandparents to recover from so much fun. 🙂

Fortunately we were able to sit quietly while Devon happily played in the dunes at the beach.

Taking a pause from our routines and schedules is always good for gaining a new perspective on how we spend our time and energy, especially when introducing a child to the wonders of the world. I’ve been inspired by many things in recent weeks and have fun stories to tell in future blogs.

But for now I’ll just share one of my favorite sights because it is rare for the marine layer to be so thin…

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