too much summer

When I set up my writing goals schedule earlier this year (you all do that, right?), I included buffer time for unplanned events. What I forgot to consider was the rarity of awesome weather to kayak. This is an activity I could do daily and am often tempted to consider whole days and weeks dedicated to exploring river after river, across states, and even hauling my gear past waterfalls or rapids.

But, alas, I prefer my creature comforts of a bed, kitchen, and hot water. I am currently content to paddle around an inland lake that only lifts the 5 mph/no wake restrictions between July 4th and Labor Day. This means I can only have waves crashing over my bow, and surf the wakes of speed boats, for a few weeks a year.

These are the same weeks when community events, county fairs, neighborhood potlucks, family vacations, and annual airshows are also scheduled. I’m also intrigued by friends who’ve decided to renew their skills canning fresh fruit and others who explain how to hand crank the most amazing ice cream. (A bottle of wine helps this cranking process.)

Crafts and careers, reading and resting, have taken a back seat in my schedule for these weeks. Yes, I am on track with my edits and rewrites because I can see a writers life does resemble a farmer in that there are tasks to be done daily regardless of the calendar. All the single-purpose machines on acres of land are dedicated to the harvest. I’m a bit amazed at the details, and time and variances, to produce a bale of hay that will be consumed within hours and become cow-patties.

Not that I am seeing all my efforts to create good books as potential cow shit but…  Was that a good use of ellipses?  I’ll have to ask my grammar maven critique partner.

I’m just sayin’ that my dedication to introspective blog posts is a bit thin right now. The next two week include the anniversary of my daddy’s death (6 years) and our wedding anniversary ( 31 years).  For both events I will be celebrating the what has been and the history of who I am today. Then I will stride forth with new goals. September has always been my new year, even though I’m not associated with the school schedule any more. Annual habits and routines are hard to break.

This year I’ve been creating new patterns and though they do operate on the calendar, and include schedules and goals, I’m excited for the future. All the doom and gloom I’ve listened to regarding retirement finances and global politics is interesting. My sister Rose just enjoyed a family vacation where nine adults and four babies were in one house for a week. They called it fun, even though Rose had a broken foot.

And the primary point of this ramble is – I’m going to live my life with joy even if all I produce in the end is cow patties.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to too much summer

  1. Rose L says:

    You must grab at those joyous moments when you can. There are many trials, problems, unexpected thing that come along the way, and only the peaceful moments, joyous times and well-formed friendships help us through it all.


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