the make believe challenge

The make believe agenda surrounds us. The news of the recent earthquake on the east coast of the USA was reported as horrific as the one in Japan on 3/11/2011. Many will consider Hurricane Irene following so closely behind the quake as an apocalyptic event where humans are victims.  Others will promote it as part of a paradigm shift for humans to evolve into creators.

A different type of news story concerns how the Texas DOT believed the slogan for their anti-litter campaign was good enough to trademark. Now the T-DOT is suing for using that slogan as a title of a romance novel as it will confuse readers looking for maps. Here’s the link to Barnes & Noble for Christie Craig’s book, “Don’t Mess with Texas”.  Be warned, it’s a fun and sexy read which aroused the ire of the DOT and prompted the suit. 😀

On Tuesday I watched the video of Michael Hyatt interviewing Rachelle Gardner and I liked their answers to authors who believe their books are direct messages from God. These two Christian publishing professionals are very respectful of spiritual channels and believe God’s message is in all the books they publish. Choices are made for which God channeled message will appeal to readers.

One challenge of Mercury retrogrades is we’re encouraged to consider what to believe and how to make others get our point. According to ASTROMARK we are also wandering in a Neptune retrograde that is prompting a life review back to 1998 and this will flavor our thoughts through spring of 2012.

Attending the Madras Air Show is our plan this weekend. The event last year was nostalgic and significant to Ed and I on so many levels I could write a book about it. I did feel I should write books about my life events since 1997. I made myself believe that all the dramas and challenges were research for the benefit of readers and once I got to the happy ending I’d get the point.

I believe numbers give me messages and the recent 333’s made me contemplate what decisions to make. I realized I was ambivalent about many things. Each required clarifying the choice, considering the potentials, and being open to messages. The first was – no more memoirs. One’s enough. It feels good to decide all that research since 1997 applies to my life journey, not a chronological book. Few readers would be able to swim through all the characters and layers even if I could make it beneficial for them to try.

Other choices related to my novel, my business, my energy, my future, and my personal relationships. The benefit of reviewing even the most mundane choice is to know why it is the right choice for me. Once I understood to believe in the choices I make – I saw 444 “You have just completed an important phase.” 

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “the make believe challenge

  1. “One challenge of Mercury retrogrades is we’re encouraged to consider what to believe” made me smile.

    I was thinking about this yesterday and wondering about what is definitely right when the front door bell rang. It was two Jehovah Witnesses. I immediately hoped that this wasn’t a message from the Universe answering my thoughts!


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