the most memorable

Dancing with the Stars tonight was about the story the stars wanted to tell as being the most memorable in their life. The stories were all good though some were more powerful than others. Then they all danced.

The movie Footloose became a cult hit in 1984 but the theme of dancing in celebration is timeless. I hope a remake of this movie will have the same impact in 2011 because I applaud anything that inspires us to get up and dance.

What makes a story memorable is the transformation it inspires and the journey taken afterwards. No matter how tragic or joyful an event may be to become the most memorable, it is the the journey then taken after the turning point that makes a story powerful. Then, it is time to learn to dance.

While watching DWTS tonight, I found myself weighing all the turning points in my life to decide which was the most memorable. There are so many! They are all interconnected to my personal life story! One would not have mattered without others. But eventually I did settle on one specific event that put me on a path I would never have chosen to travel.

The event was in September of 2002 and I was suddenly making choices I never would have made, and embarking on a journey I would never have chosen. I swam in dark and turbulent waters but also found myself perched on the occasional tropical beach to bask in the sun. It’s always good to determine when and why we took the path less traveled. It is often tempting to stagnate at the edge of the pond.

As I listened to the stories that were most memorable for this seasons dancers I felt a connection to all of them. Each story had a before, during, and after message. We become nostalgic for the before story, the during story is full of conflict and choices. The after story is where the transition becomes the new journey. It’s scary.

And then, we learn to dance.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to the most memorable

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    Some moments in your life are memorable and it can be in a good way or a bad way. Not all events that will be remembered are good, joyful or wonderful. Some are painful, injurious, or sad. But they make you. They are a part of you.


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