New glasses

Our oldest daughter is an optician but she wasn’t at that office when I picked out my new glasses. The wonderful optician who helped me asked, “Why aren’t you letting her help you?”

“Because she wouldn’t explain anything to me, she’d make all the choices for me.” Which is true.

And I would have been happy to let my daughter do so because I know she’s one of the best and dedicated to doing her best for me. But, there’s a lot about me she doesn’t know. My pride in her success has made her forget I was also an independent power woman, at her age. She never saw me that way. I’m mom, and her confident and grandma to her sons. Whereas I am still totally connected to that woman who makes choices for myself.

When I got the call my glasses were ready to pick up, I sent my daughter a text but she wouldn’t be in that office until the next day. I chose not to wait and met another of her coworkers, a woman named Cheri who explained she was the only one better than my daughter, for fitting my new glasses to my face. I had a delightful session with her as we discussed the reason my glasses looked uneven was related to my eyebrows. My eyebrows are blond and barely visible so the unevenness was because I had penciled them in unevenly…

I learned later that Cheri is the woman who taught my daughter her skills, and she wanted to meet me.

I chose one of the hardest to adjust frames. But they look so right on my face that hubby and our youngest daughter didn’t even notice I was wearing glasses. Until now I only wore readers which means when I wasn’t reading or writing, there were no glasses on my face. But now that there are, I had to point them out that there was something different about my face. Hello! Do you see me?

I’m adjusting! I keep reaching up to take them off but have no reason to do so! I can look across the room and read posters, notes, and also open a book and the text comes into clear focus with a slight adjustment of my head. I can multitask with no pause to put on or take off my glasses. It’s liberating.

There are times in our lives when we have to change out patterns and point of view. I’m in one of those stages and the icing on the cake is designer glasses on my face.

4 thoughts on “New glasses

  1. Terrific post, Terri. My daughter’s not an optician, but I totally get this. It’s precisely what I needed ti be reminded of, that deeper message called, Let go.


  2. I need glasses for driving and the such but not for reading. Interesting what you say about your daughter – we are different things to different people. My grandson sees me as this silly man who crawls about with him on the floor and makes him laugh and my son has forgotten that I used to wear a suit to work and managed a finance office and staff. To him I’m just ‘dad’ and he’s the business suit man now. Funny old life.

    Bit slow getting to your posts as I’ve been away for 16 days to Ibiza.


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