Tonight Carson and Anna danced their last dance on Dancing With The Stars. I enjoy the stories of the stars as they learn new skills and realize they are able to become dancers, something they never considered being able to do.  There have been a few memorable transformations through the DWTS seasons and I appreciate this show is full of music and dance and airs during a time frame I can sit and watch for a few weeks. Each dance tells a story.

Earlier, Ed watched the Republican candidates debate in Vegas, while I was making our dinner so I got to hear it, and I laughed at a lot of what I heard. Squabbles and contradictions, interspersed with philosophical statements, don’t impress me. A radical idea like Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan does interest me because though I doubt it’s feasible to implement, it is different.  Maybe it’s the spark of an idea for a new way to fund a government.  Maybe one of the young democracies struggling to begin, around the world, will take a look at all the global financial implosions then test the analysis of this and many other radical ideas to come up with a new tax dance. These United States were initiated on radical ideals.

Amazon.com has entered the publishing world by signing authors, and is now selling its own tablet, so the traditional world of book distribution is tottering on spiked heels without any musicality in its steps. Radical change terrifies many but out of the ashes something better may arise.  Storytelling will continue, as it has through the history of humanity. A good story will reach an audience and the primary issue in flux is how books are distributed and who makes the money.

The employment dance has gained my attention recently as I’ve begun looking for a job that will define a new routine for my days and create more interaction with people who are not writers or family members. I can relate to those within The Occupy movement because I now have personal insight that whether they are fresh from academia or veterans of years on a career track, the current job seeker needs a dancing teacher. Unfortunately what they get is a lot of advice on how to be a good job seeker which, in my opinion, is the last thing anyone wants to be.

On the career track flip-side, I know companies don’t want to publicly post a job opening because doing so for one week, on one website, can slam them with hundreds of applicants to weed through to find four potentials for that one available job.

We all have our personal areas of expertise, I’m not an authority on dancing, employment, publishing, taxes, or politics. I went on a wine tour yesterday and know I’m not an authority on wine though I drink it daily, and touring wineries was tons of fun! Tomorrow I’m going to try a new recipe for clam chowder  and attempt to make a mermaid tail to wear at a masquerade later this month.

According to the current tax codes, the $13.00 I spent on my mermaid costume is tax deductible but I’m not sure about the wine I’ll have at the party.  Maybe I’ll have a new job before I go to the party and maybe I’ll learn new dance steps. And maybe the clam chowder will be awesome.

In November 2012 I hope to have a clear decision on who to vote for in the presidential election. We will see…

2 thoughts on “dancing

  1. Are you going to dance with a mermaid tail?! Could be interesting, especially after wine. I have this picture in my mind …

    In the UK we have the equivalent of your DWTS – Strictly Come Dancing – on our TV screens at the moment. I pretend I don’t like it but usually watch it with Karin.

    Enjoy your days …


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