Lots of 9’s

9 = Finishing a project, looking beyond the immediate, setting your goals, reflection, expansion;  Sydney Omarr’s Day-to-Day Astrological Guide for Taurus 2012

The number 9 symbolizes Mars – Conflict – Man; Linda Goodman’s Star Signs.  9 is the number of originality and initiative… also the contradictory traits of vulnerability and naiveté.

999 = completion and 99% = the majority.

Today is 10/19/11 – the moon is in Cancer and my lunch dates today are both Cancer women. It is a water sign and we will savor my clam chowder and work on a mermaid tail for a masquerade party.

Another friend, a Taurus woman, is having surgery on her neck today to expand the path for her spine. I hope all the 1’s and the nurturing energy of Cancer will be good energy for her. My sister, an Aquarius woman, needs a new dishwasher today as the current one died last night after a week of glitches with the control panel. Lots of water energy and it’s a foggy day.

There’s been a lot of surprises, twists and news brought into my awareness and the advice in my horoscope today states: Practice what Ester and Jerry Hicks call “rampaging appreciation” so that you raise your own vibration and attract more of what makes you happy.

911 has been claiming my attention recently, and occasionally in the past few years. I thought it was a reminder of The Twin Towers disaster on 9/11/01 which impacted my personal life enough that I wrote a story about it. This novel was my return to the world of romance fiction and I got lots of good feedback from publishers for a year then it was suddenly considered ‘old news’.  Maybe I’ll rewrite it some day. 

This month I’ve had new insights into 911 as relating to the past nine years, and the initiating choice made eleven years ago. I hadn’t counted the years until recently, and it was after seeing 9:11 one day. These years have been full of drama, conflict, change and enlightenment. There’s been lots of learning and opportunities for growth. 🙂

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Lots of 9’s

  1. Trish says:

    Interesting post, Terri.
    9-9-9,however, doesn’t add up to what’s good for the 99 percent and this Cain guy isn’t going to be the republican nominee. His tax plan has nothing in it for you or me – or anyone else, for that matter, except the 1 percent.

    Right now, Uranus in Aries is creating havoc for a lot of people. My aquarian friend had gall bladder surgery says she is “psychologically destroyed” by her 48 hours in the hospital, even though she came thru the surgery just fine.

    Why not revisit the romantic fiction??We need more romance now, not less.


    • Cain’s 9-9-9 plan has nothing for the 1% either – its so obviously outrageous it can only be some esoteric symbol, maybe that the greed machine has run it’s course? We can only hope. I’m so delighted by this Occupy movement I wish I could be more involved.

      I’m so sorry anyone would feel psychologically destroyed from a surgery but there’s too much about the effects of trauma on the ego that I know I will never understand. At least I do know, romantic fiction is the best direction for my talents – I’ve been reading so much drek!


  2. Trish says:

    Romantic fiction is balm for the soul.


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