Story themes

As I rushed through the library last week I ended up with two movies that, without my knowledge prior to watching them, were about the characters dealing with the death of their dad.

Hanging Up looked like a total chick-flick and when my sister stopped over in the afternoon, we watched it.  Nothing about this movie related to my life but it still got to me because a girl never gets over the loss of her daddy. However that wasn’t the theme of this movie and I’m not sure any of the characters had an epiphany or even needed one.

Then there was Elizabeth Town which again – dad dies – and the son then has to find himself. I don’t have a clue who the writers thought was the target audience for this movie. Like Hanging Up the acting was great and there was a fascinating setting, a whole cast of quirky and interesting characters, and none of it really made a point that I could figure out.

Of the books I grabbed to read, three of them were Christmas stories, two specifically revolving around a small town Holiday pageant. The third, well, I’m sort of trying to read it but doubt I’ll succeed. The most enjoyable was Donna Andrews’  Six Geese A Slaying. As a murder-mystery-caper it didn’t have a theme I can pinpoint but it was a fun read, for free, from the library.

Again, I didn’t realize I was choosing three Christmas stories so that’s something I have to consider on a personal level. Maybe there’s a message for me from my daddy about Christmas miracles. If so, it will be a few months yet before I get it. 😀

Tonight I watched Love Potion #9 which was as silly as the title. But there was a THEME, the characters TRANSFORMED, there was CONFLICT. And the ending was fun and fuzzy.  It was totally worth the price of admission to watch for free in my own home.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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  1. Trish says:

    The best movies are fun, free, have conflict, angst, and end well!


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