shit happens

I’m attending my favorite conference this weekend. It’s been on my calendar for months and there’s a yahoo group for attendees of this conference. It’s the Emerald City Writers Conference sponsored by the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America chapter. It’s a 3 hour drive north and limited to 300 attendees. There will be three of us in one hotel room for the weekend. ūüėÄ

This is my 6th or 7th year attending and in those past years it was scheduled for the beginning of October, but, they chose a new venue and this year it is on Halloween weekend, hence the addition of a masquerade party and my mermaid costume. ¬†I’m involved with writing activities all year long but this is the one conference that I feel is a celebration of my passion with my friends.

Lots of people in my life ¬†get that passion concept (blessing! few get the passion concept!) – Ed’s passion is flying airplanes, my friends have passions for horses, farming, music… mine is story, everything about it, the words, the craft, the romance!

It was a real pain to lose a chunk of ceramic in my mouth while flossing last night. I knew there was a need to replace a dental crown but I really wanted it to be something I scheduled – in a few months. Nope. I’m an awesome dental patient, I hear this every time I go for my cleanings. I do the relaxed altered state with my mouth wide open – very well. But it’s annoying that I have a distracting temporary crown on my #19 molar. The¬†permanent¬†repair will be complete on 11/11/11 – at 1:00 pm.

While I could ramble about the numbers, and the lunar and stellar aspects of my dental issues (my sister stated Saturn is related to teeth issues) the reality is when I came home with a numb mouth and checked my email, I read an email post that put it all in perspective.

A woman named Bonnie will not be attending this awesome conference because her mom died today. Bonnie (who I’ve probably met at at least once in these years attending this conference) will be doing funeral duties instead of enjoying her passion. Been there, done that.

No matter how enlightened we become on our human journey, or what politics are in place to fight or support, shit happens and there is a reason for it. I’ll probably never know Bonnie’s journey but I appreciate knowing it is not one I am taking this year. My parents estate was settled in 2006.

No one life story¬†super-cedes¬†another. Death is the great equalizer. Until then, our passions are really what matters. So I’m going to hug all my friends ¬†with an extra delight, and I’m going to eat with intent not to harm my temporary crown.

Shit happens all the time but time is an individual construct and I’m going to enjoy being present in the moment.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to shit happens

  1. Death the great equaliser – isn’t it just, and it puts our lives in perspective. We have to fuel our passions while we can. Enjoy (even if you can’t chew)


  2. Death shows us what is important. I hope Bonnie will be comforted at this time of sorrow.


  3. Trish says:

    I burst out laughing when I saw the title of this post. Yes indeed, the poop bags are ready.

    Saturn also rules bones…and structures. It’s the discipline we exhibit, the responsibilities we take on, and yes, it can be karma.

    Live the moment. Even when, as Mike notes, you can’t chew!!


  4. Trish says:

    About your friend…I feel for her. It’s never easy when a parent passes on.


    • terripatrick says:

      Actually, this Bonnie is just a name on an email list to me and yet I wanted to hug her. I have no image to put to the name as she is just a face among hundreds at a conference.

      There were following comments about hospice and this being a long expected death, as if Bonnie wanted to reassure everyone on the email loop that it was OK to miss the conference as she was needed at home. Um, yeah…

      The death of a parent is so much more than a “shit happens” scenario. A broken crown falls in that category and I am happy to only be concerned about what/how I chew.


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