inspiration overload

This happens when 300 romance writers gather in one spot for three days. The “follow your passion” action can be a rather turbulent journey and when two hundred women who aspire to do so are gathered together with a hundred women who are doing so, the yin energy can soar. Introduce some potent yang energy and lots of bouncing will occur.

The Emerald City Writers Conference, in Bellevue, WA, was a wild weekend and sooo much fun! I forgot my camera and a few other special but not-needed essentials. I learned about some author journey’s that make all my angst and trials seem like a thorn-less bed of (long stem) roses.

I hugged exceptionally talented and successful women who got giddy and teary at what they can do to help others enjoy – joy.  The dream to be a novelist always has the fly-off-the-tracks-crash-and-burn potential.  I will never recommend it to anyone. But I’m on it – and it’s a kick-ass roller coaster of fun.

The journey can shift at a conference into a the bouncing ball of information overload. My friend Jenna Bailey-Burke has already loaded a bunch of this on her blog.  If you’re interested in the current state of publishing world and romance author insights, hop on over to her blog. It’s always good to see agents, editors, and authors in pictures to verify they are real people with awesome shoes and boots.

I was blessed to have my critique partners, who have actually read my current novel, help me devise a simple statement about my contemporary romance. It’s a Debbie Macomber with nature magic and astrology. I like that because it probably will ring true for all my future books as well. And someday, decades from now, some aspiring writer may describe her own books as It’s a Terri Patrick with…

My conference decompression/exhaustion wasn’t bad today and it’s probably because I’ve been feeling that it’s no longer about the learning and the time to be producing. Maybe you are at the same stage. It’s time.  Shift your focus from aspiring-to-be to taking action on your journey.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to inspiration overload

  1. “It’s a Terri Patrick with…” I imagine that would be something very special.


  2. Trish says:

    I’m with Mike!


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