the Cherry challenge

Cherry Adair is an amazing woman who’s also written a few books. I’m finally reading one. This is the conundrum of a writer, we’re so involved in the world of books, and have authors as friends, we seldom stop to read the NYT best-sellers even when we get to chat with them often.

Cherry’s got hair like mine and we chatted about how she had just gotten hers done and I was due for my next enhancement. 

Cherry always poses the “Finish the damn book challenge” at the ECRW conference and this year I decided to take it. I know I’ll be at the conference next year as I’ll be one of the workshop presenters with C. Morgan Kennedy and our still to be embellished Author Marketing 101 workshop and potential book. We’ll be working on it this winter…

Today I actually read the rules of Cherry’s “Finish the damn book challenge” and realized that it has to be a NEW story begun and polished within the year. I hadn’t considered NEW. I have two novels to polish and this third one of … Then, there are those books in the storage box that need to be shredded but not until I give them a look through because they were not half bad, they are really bad, but there are gems of ideas worth a look since they claimed my attention for a whole year each…

New. Not started before 10/28/2011 and will be completed by September 15, 2012. Which is three months before Doomsday so I can’t count on that as an excuse.

What to write about? Begin a NEW story? This is a serious issue! Shit. I’ve got so much in process, so many files… But the new concept resonated with me. The new me. The new story plan. I’ve got a business plan, a marketing plan, a writing plan, a career plan. This “Finish the damn book challenge” makes me feel a new story plan is connected to a new life plan.

Cherry Adair is an amazing woman and I’m totally impressed by the tiny bits of information I know about her. It’s funny that I know more about her process to write her books than anything about her books since I am only now reading one. I’m even doing my damn-dest to read it like a reader instead of dissecting it as a writer.

There’s no way to know how I will succeed on any of these levels, that’s why it’s called a challenge.

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