novel writing month

Thousands are pounding keyboards this NaNoWriMo month in an attempt to reach a word count. I’m working on a new process to create a novel instead and have a 12 page How-To reference outline.  It’s utterly dreary but no characters were screaming in my head to have their story written before it fades. My goal is to have a solid synopsis to go over with my critique partners this weekend.

To find my romantic hero and heroine I picked two real life characters as templates and now have a Cancer Moon Maiden matched with an Intellectual Water Bearer. Their moons are aligned and they have fiery identities to protect their inner child wounds. They were faceless and nameless for a week but the more I worked with their issues and interests the more solid they became.

As I imagined these characters in scenes, a setting began to form with terra firma under their feet and scenery around them. Scents, textures and colors emerged as my characters began to move and speak to confirm it’s not a dark and creepy story but bright and challenging. Yeah! My favorite type to read so it will be happy writing.

Romance novel checklist: Hero, heroine, setting, back story, wounds, mentor, sidekick. All good and I’ve added careers, conflicts, and themes to my outline. Their names and mannerisms were revealed as I fleshed out more scenes then specific issues and secrets appeared. Yeah, going well!

On Saturday, I attended Delilah Marvelle’s workshop on Writing Sex Scenes which Jenna has recapped. The focus of this workshop was the importance of the writer being in the mood in order to accomplish valid story goals by putting the characters in the mood. It was a great workshop and now I’m looking at my outline regarding the sexual arc of my characters. I write more intimate-sensation than hot-n-steamy.

I could be using the November novel month focus to polish a novel to submit to the publisher of my choice. Instead I am developing a process that aligns the books already written, that are as yet unpublished, to the books I have yet to begin. I’m not going to be a one-book-wonder to disappear into obscurity. This is part of my journey.  What I learn from my new process and story I will then apply to this novel that is almost ready to submit.

Every author has to find their own process and get there on their own journey.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to novel writing month

  1. rose lefebvre says:

    Writing sex scenes!! *blushing* I do not think I could ever do that.


  2. Trish says:

    I remember when my mother read my first novel, she remarked about the sex scenes…something about how they embarrassed her. Oops. That was an inner censor for awhile. Good luck with the journey!


    • terripatrick says:

      I got the same critique from my mom, years ago. 😀 I like to write about the sensation of sex more than the physical act but it always has to matter for the character and story arcs.

      Even inspirational romance authors have to include sex-from-the-neck-up in their pages or it’s not a romance. A recent reader told me that she only reads inspirational romances but she was not offended by the sex I put on the page.


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