Year of the Rabbit

2011 is the Year of The Rabbit and there has been a lot of hopping around in my life this year. In my Feng Shui book the description of the energetic quality of the Year of the Rabbit states:

A respite from the past year and a breather before the next, rest is indicated here.

Respite and rest have not flavored my year except recently as I reaquainted myself to that marvelous place called the library. With this rediscovery was the reminder that, as a writer of books, I need to read books. Ahh, I’m currently reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog and savoring the utter beauty of words on the page.

This is a time for negotiations and settlements, but not for new ventures.

I can see this flavor in retrospect though often I’ve felt like – aren’t we done with this yet? – why haven’t we got this going yet? (I’ve often been accused of wanting things yesterday.)

Women’s and family concerns are considered important.

Two daughters moved, another married. It was delightful to be absorbed in all those bridal and decorating activities. I also spent a lot of time with women exploring their passions in crafts of quilting, knitting, ceramics, baking and writing.

Add to all this bunny bouncing this year, the 2011 Rabbit also had the flavor of negatively charged metal.

Metal can be a beautiful and precious commodity, or the blade of a weapon. It represents solidity and the ability to contain objects. It is also a conductor. Negatively, it can suggest destruction, danger and sadness.

Ed and I both had to take our vehicles in for collision repair this year, my car was hit in March, his truck had a loading incident in October. The only other car accident we’ve had was in 2002, and the car was totaled so no repair. That was Year of the Horse, with a positive water element.

January 23rd, 2012 begins the Year of the Dragon:

The time for new business ventures and projects. Euphoric and unpredictable, this is the year for outlandish schemes and taking risks. Dragon babies are considered lucky.

The element for the year is water, with a positive charge. It will be interesting to review next year how all this played out in my life. It sounds like fun times and only three more months of hopping around before I practice belching fire.

5 thoughts on “Year of the Rabbit

  1. rose lefebvre

    I hope in the year of the dragon all of my problems will be melted away and life will glow with wonderful things. I just hope the year of the dragon will not leave me standing among ash.


  2. Darren B

    That hedgehog book sounds good.I would add it to my ‘to read’ pile,but I’ve already got about 80 books in it,so I’ll have to clear those first.Maybe if I have some serious hedgehog syncs I’ll have to reconsider and read it ASAP,but for now I’ll just have to keep digging through my ‘to read’ pile.

    It’s funny,I was born in the Year of the Dragon (1964) and I was born on the 23 rd (although in September) and I keep thinking (although maybe wishfully) that this period will be the big tuning point in my life,career wise.
    I have a feeling like I’m on one train (the one I have been on for 23 years) going one way,and the Dragon express is going the opposite way,and I have to make a choice…jump on the Dragon Express and head in a new direction…or stay on the safe,but boring train ride to Mortgage-ville,(not a destination I feel good about). At some point next year I feel that I have to risk that jump or forever regret missing the train that could have taken me somewhere exciting,but with no guarantees….not that there are any real guarantees on the train that I am on anyway.

    So reguarding the forecast ;

    “The time for new business ventures and projects. Euphoric and unpredictable, this is the year for outlandish schemes and taking risks.
    Dragon babies are considered lucky.”

    and being a Dragon baby once myself,I hope the luck is still hanging around…because I feel it’s time to jump,before I am pushed off the
    Mortgage-ville train .-)


    1. When switching trains it is not only about the direction and speed but also what is being left behind. I assume the Mortgage-ville train is home ownership and there’s nothing boring about being the custodian for our personal place on planet earth.

      Adapting and learning new skills (plumbing and plastering) is a plus when viewed as creative to individual space, with appreciation for all the cool tools at the home improvement stores. Homes have a character of their own and promote the character we become.


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