ask and they appear

Last year we had a Macy’s Christmas as I worked there for the season and it was fun and nostalgic to have lots of packages under the tree. At Thanksgiving dinner I asked all my girls for a list so I could do that again. I knew with extra coupons and sales I could get great deals and value for the cash and I have the time to find them. Only one knew what she wanted, three items for her kitchen.

When I dropped Ed off at the airport at noon, I decided to check out the new collection of stores and got such good deals I was able to get all three. Then I made a trip to Costco and saw some gifts to give my grandsons. I decided to wrap them as I wasn’t sure if I’d need more paper or tags. That was fun and quickly done so I went off to the mall without a clue about what was on any of my other daughters lists.

As I stood in the men’s department in Macy’s a nice man asked if he could help me. Oh yeah, I needed help. There are now three men in my life who I adore and I had an idea, with a spark of fun, and needed help to turn that idea into good gifts each man would enjoy.  Their new jackets are identical but different sizes. Then I got a similar style jacket for my oldest grandson so he can be one of the big boys.

Since I was having such success shopping, I stashed the bags in the trunk of my car and returned to the store. Wandering, wondering, about what to get for my other daughters.  The eldest was set, I got everything on her list. So I wandered over to the jewelry area and while I was there, I looked up and daughter #2 appeared. How fun!

Daughter #2 picked out earrings and a necklace she likes, then a sweater set she will wear. We discussed the great deals I’d gotten for daughter #1’s wish list and I showed her the awesome jackets I’d gotten for all the men. We went our separate ways as I shopped for daughter #3. After that I went home and wrapped and tagged with delight and chatted with daughter #4 on the phone as she’s the only one left on my list, what does she want?

In one day I had lots of examples of going forth with an intent for giving and ideas and help appeared. I even had enough wrapping paper and tags.

I love giving gifts. Receiving gifts is my personal challenge. I always love what I receive but giving is so rewarding that receiving gifts requires my gratitude be sincere. For others to enjoy giving gifts like I do, I have to receive to keep that joy rolling forward.

Being a grateful receiver of gifts is not listed on the rules for living. Maybe it should be.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

6 Responses to ask and they appear

  1. rose lefebvre says:

    I always loved giving gifts. It always has been hard to be the receiver so I know how you feel. Unfortunately gift giving this year as the last 3 will not happen as there are no funds to buy. I will miss that.


  2. Isn’t it great doing all this under a mercury retro?? It’s like you’re defying the cosmos or something. I’m having fun shopping before merc goes direct. It reminds me of all the christmases I have loved and enjoyed. Weird.


  3. Giving is magical. Though Christmas is much too commercial (and seems to start at the end of August nowadays!) it’s lovely to give gifts, especially when you know they fit the bill perfectly. Receiving is also good though – if we don’t learn the art then perhaps we may miss out on getting the good things life has to offer for us. Giving and receiving is partly what life is about.


  4. Lisa Nowak says:

    Wow, I’m impressed by your shopping skills. I hate shopping. I do like giving gifts, though. The hard part is finding the perfect thing for people. Especially since I hate shopping. 🙂


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