Expendable by Maggie

It’s been ten days since I blogged, I think that’s a record for me. 😀 There are draft posts in my cue to review to see if I want to publish them. It’s been a potent mercury retrograde (nostalgia on steroids) with a full-moon-lunar-eclipse to scramble my thoughts, yet I’ve made good progress on my new process of writing a novel.

My Christmas preparations are done and the newlyweds (in June) intend to become homeowners and viewing five houses with them in one afternoon triggered all kinds of memories. I’ve attended holiday parties and craft fairs. I got a Kindle (for $79!) and I’ve been downloading books as I want it to be library of  my friends books so I can carry them all with me.

A few weeks ago, Expendable by Maggie Jaimeson arrived as a prize and I have not been able to do a review of this story as it is so – wow. Intensity! Texture! Dark thriller! Powerful romance! I read it in two days and spent the next two wandering around thinking about it. I don’t choose to read dark thriller/horror stories but I adore Maggie and trusted it was a romance and would deliver a happy ending. It does, and it’s good, but it was a wild journey to get there and that’s what a reader wants.

Except I couldn’t write for two days. And I couldn’t do a review so I read other reviews and realized I read/watch romantic comedy and adventure stories, with the occasional sci-fi or intrigue. I don’t do “Silence of the Lambs” and Expendable had more that flavor. And -drat it – I want to read it again…

To be able to get my thoughts back to my own writing (and life) I grabbed a Terri Reed Tiny Blessings tale that was published by Love Inspired in 2007. This is a classic sweet and cuddly romance where all you can do when you close the back cover is go, aawwhh….

As a reader, I knew from the first page that Expendable was not a book I would choose for entertainment. I don’t like being grabbed by the throat and dragged into a sinister world with PTSD battle flashbacks, or rescuing victimized children from narcissistic scientists.

I’m also not sure how to respond when viewing potential homes with newlyweds who discuss the merits of living on the property during the pending zombie apocalypse. But between books and daughters and holidays and pesky planets, sometimes we just have to go with the flow and be open to anything.

Life is a journey and nothing is written in stone until it is published.

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