the male view

Failure to Launch and Made of Honor are two romantic comedies written, directed, and produced by men. I recommend them for the entertainment value and especially to authors who want to study the male approach to romance. 😀

It’s fascinating to watch the body language as these 30+ men try to explore emotional issues with buddies while rock climbing, playing basketball, and at sporting events. This attention to competition resonates to the way a man wants to solve problems, or fix things, with the woman in their life. The action distraction is a great example of Mars energy while the women in these movies all communicate with a musical, intellectual and artistic Venus flavor.

Age also has an impact on the male perspective as Nathan Bransford blogged about with his How Art Changes With Us post that he begins with “I recently rewatched the movies “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset,” which, if you haven’t seen or heard of them, are rather amazing.”

I have not watched either movie, yet, but Nathan explains that these two movies are the same relationship story set nine years apart. What makes this post a must read (even if you don’t watch the movies) is that Nathan explores how his perspective on the relevance of these two movies has changed in relation to his age and life experiences. He shows that a good story remains unchanged through time, but the reader experience is always unique. It’s a great male perspective about relationship stories. (He’s in his 30’s and exceptionally articulate.)

The example of a male view in my life right now is a bathroom remodel has begun. Ed has some vacation days to use before the end of the year and he’s often viewed long holiday weekends as a good time to begin a home construction project. There were a few years when his projects and my holiday party preparations overlapped and caused concerns that there was sawdust in the wineglasses. But our family gathering has shifted to our daughter’s home this year and the construction mess will be resigned to an upper corner of our house.

Our view of home improvements has shifted as we have tucked years and life experiences under our belts. He enjoys the projects because he likes working with his hands and his work is good. But we are less interested in the improvement to our lifestyle in this house and more focused on the resale benefit someday.

I do enjoy the view as men do physical work or engage in sporting competitions and will watch these two movies again before I return them to the library. I’ve realized that conversations between 30+ men attempting to create a relationship with a woman they desire are fascinating. But when a man is content in his relationship for years, his conversations with his buddies (topics like work, politics, investments, and bodily functions) are not as entertaining.

This means, I’m most interested in man-speak when my view is handsome and athletic 30-year-old men who are wondering how to please a woman, and exploring emotional issues, while flexing well tanned biceps and abs.

3 thoughts on “the male view

  1. Er … I quite enjoy the view of women doing physical work … and as for 30 year old women who are wondering how to please a man, I can find an interest in that too. Perhaps the sexes aren’t really quite as different as we would like to believe.


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