new memories!

It was our eldest daughter’s first annual hosting of the Christmas Day family gathering. It began with the magic of Santa for her and her boys in her awesome home. This home was a dream come true for her 30th birthday in March of this year. The preparations for dinner began and the garbage disposal choked and died as the potatoes were being peeled.

Everyone was already there when Ed and I arrived with our tower of presents. I unpacked the cheese and crackers, veggies and dips, and set up the cookie tower. The hard-boiled eggs were handed to our chef to be deviled. That’s when I learned the kitchen sink was a goner for the day, which meant the dishwasher was out of commission as well.

The party was in full swing by 2pm and we washed our hands and needed utensils in the bathroom sink. Then we opened presents. Ed and I now have some awesome new pictures of our girls and grandsons to hang on the walls of our home. I was delighted to see the younger men in my life (2 son-in-laws, a potential SIL, and my 9-year-old-grandson) all immediately put on their new, and identical, jackets and were happy to pose for a picture – but there were comments about coordinating future events so they didn’t all show up as jacket twins.

Then it was game time! A card game, table top games, new puzzles, a short jaunt to the park for a basketball game. During this time, snacks were enjoyed, dinner was roasting, and NBA and then NFL games were displayed on the TV. No one was hungry when dinner was served but the glazed ham and slow roasted veggie casseroles were too awesome and flavorful to ignore.

Eventually the plates, cups and utensils were carried upstairs to be washed in a bathroom sink. The pots, cutlery and baking pans were soaked and then scrubbed in a tub. The washing assembly included towels held by toddlers. The men used a new tool set, so recently gifted to one it was totally shiny and all the pieces were in place, to dissect the pipes under the kitchen sink and remove the dead garbage disposal.

The party continued with desserts and a few late arrivals. It is possible there will never be another holiday party with such a disaster but the story of the cesspool sink will live now for greater embellishment in the retelling!

That was our Christmas day in Oregon. I’ve caught tidbits on FaceBook about the celebration at my sister’s home in Ohio that include a broken tree and flames dancing on a hand but I don’t have any details yet aside from there being no lasting injuries.

There is a quote oft repeated that happy families are boring but I don’t buy it. We’ve got as much drama and conflict as dysfunctional families. We just laugh more and open another bottle of wine.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to new memories!

  1. That all sounds great. We were 13 at our house and laughed ourselves silly. I can’t see happy families as being boring – but I agree that another bottle of wine always helps. Glad to hear you had a good time.


  2. Great story! It sounds like the celebration was fun in spite of the sink! During Thanksgiving last year, our stove died. We learned that you can’t microwave a turkey!


  3. Late afternoon here in England on New Years Eve: Wishing you all of the things you wish for yourself and for others in 2012.


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