Begin with a Bang

2012 resonates to the number 5: Freedom of thought and action, change, variety, thinking outside the box.  Change and variety have certainly sabotaged these first few days of the year but in a good way. I have been able to try out my new writing rituals and routines to see the potential for productivity.


Our little bathroom now has a beautiful tile floor and the toilet and new sink are in place and functional. Yeah! The shower walls are still in process so it’s not picture worthy yet. My sister’s little sheltie McGiver is in the house for a week and he’s a playful and easy distraction. His head is at knee level and he eats less than our cat.

Daughter # 1 is enduring the first week misery of being a non-smoker. Send good thoughts her way! Her sons are proud and supportive.

Daughter # 2 and hubby spent New Year’s Eve in NYC and will fill us in on their adventure when we see them prior to her scheduled four month hibernation as a CPA during tax season.

Daughter # 3 and new hubby asked us to join them today for a house viewing, the best we’ve seen so far in their price range. But they aren’t going to jump too fast as it is a new listing and on Monday she will begin an eighteen month focus on completing her degree. A new home will happen but getting back into the school routine is her primary focus.

Daughter # 4 attended the Lakers-Blazers basketball game last night with her sweetie. They had amazing seats behind the Lakers bench and she wore a Lakers jersey even though she also cheered for the Blazers, our hometown team. Then, before the 2nd quarter ended – drum roll – her sweetie proposed and she said yes! I’m sure there will be a video to view soon as all the fans in the stadium had access to the moment on the big screen. 😀

Tomorrow I’m off with the bride-to-be, and some of her friends, for the Portland Bridal Show which we had no intention to attend but it is an annual event. This will be my first and I’m hoping to sample cakes while watching the wedding dress fashion parade. An impromptu engagement party is being hosted by the groom’s parents on Sunday and this will be the first party of this type I’ve ever attended. I’m bringing desserts.

I love flurries of change, variety and excitement. All four of my daughters have given me real life experiences, in this first week of the year, of what is called in fiction: the inciting incident, the beginning of a story that can be fraught with drama and conflict but also deliver an enjoyable story with an uplifting ending.

On Wednesday the 11th, McGiver will return to his happy home with my sister and my calendar has many project deadlines in the weeks and months ahead. The bathroom will be done, I’ll take a shower in it, and the monster tile saw will be removed from my living room. 😀

I’m sure change and variety will continue to flavor the year ahead but the “Freedom of thought and action” will be stronger. I love thinking “outside the box” because I know the box, and love the box.

A box has four sides as I have four daughters. Each faces a different direction but are part of a complete whole. Add a top and a bottom to a box and it becomes a cube. Ed is the top of the box, as the “head” of our family. I’m the bottom, or foundation, as the “heart” of our family.

Now, all four sides of our box are morphing into cubes of their own.

That’s how family trees are grown.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to Begin with a Bang

  1. That’s quite a box and like the idea of the four sides morphing into their own cubes – and so it will go on for eternity – and there will always be a part of you somewhere inside each new Earthly cube.


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