On The Right Road

2011 was a turbulent year for many, me too. But I have a dream, an intent, and not even the republican candidate debates or a month of construction noise and dust in my home has deterred me. I’m not Martin Luther King and maybe only romance novelists will benefit from my dream but they are people too.

C. Morgan Kennedy, my marketing business partner, always takes a personal holiday to honor MLK day, and working on our project was her goal. We’re both excited because when a project is close to completion and it is more than envisioned, well, it’s almost orgasmic.

On Monday I was on my way over to her house for what turned into a six hour meeting with a ton of disruptions. The song on the radio was telling me I’m beautiful and I glanced at the clock and saw 11:33. Double digits on the clock are my personal signal to pay attention, and those numbers were on the clock for quite awhile so I was really determined to pay attention.

The message of 11 to me is: illumination and enlightenment of the duality that life is. 33 is a message for me to bring balance to my creativity, communication and compassion. I know these messages so well it was a split second smack to be aware.

Except that road I was driving is one I travel all the time and there’s nothing to see but trees. It’s a busy four lane divided highway. It’s three miles long and there’s a long stretch visible at all times. Lots of cars were on the other side of the divider going in a different direction.

I was all alone on my side. No cars in sight behind me, nothing but the open road before me. “You are beautiful, just the way you are…” crooning in my ears from the radio. 11:33 nice and steady on the clock.

The Year of the Dragon dawns soon.

“The time for new business ventures and projects. Euphoric and unpredictable, this is the year for outlandish schemes and taking risks. Dragon babies are considered lucky.”

Oh yeah, I’m ready for the ride. 😀

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to On The Right Road

  1. “Outlandish schemes and taking risks” – sounds fun!

    It was 11:11 when I came back from a walk this morning and 33 was the number of the first house I bought (so memories of a different life revived).

    Enjoy your ride. It’s already looking more colourful!


  2. Trish says:

    Wow. Love the new look, Terri. You, Mike, rob and me with new looks for our blogs – or for actual new blogs. I like the repetitive numbers. 11: well, it’s powerful, we all know that. And 33: for me, it’s always been a number about retreat (I Ching). I see this as your year to complete all your writing projects…they are published. And I’m the first in line.


  3. terripatrick says:

    Thanks, Trish. You’re not the first who has vowed to be the first in line when I move my projects into the published stage. Your message of retreat for the 33 is right on too. There’s no way to move to the next level of balance without retreat.

    Today I also threw my hat into the ring for a role of leadership. It’s a very small ring but the message of leadership is something I’m ready to embrace.


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