The Winds of the Dragon

We had some strong and consistent winds roaring through the treetops for two days here in Oregon. I enjoyed these winds as a herald of the Chinese New Year for me in addition to pictures of celebrations in Australia. I do love the web and global connections. Blogsphere is my home because there is space for personalities to bloom and all kinds of content and pictures.

Our newly tiled bathroom was finished on Monday and I spent the day wiping construction dust off the furniture and sending all fabrics through a laundry cycle.  A good house cleaning is recommended with a New Year and the dragon flavor made the chores more fun. I had to wipe down every little thing in our bedroom so lots of silly clutter is also gone.

Many of the blogs I follow have a new look, as does mine. I’ve chatted with tech support on my new domain server and email process. A friend came over with bags of laundry, as her washer died, and I did a year forecast tarot reading for her. I haven’t done one of those for years and it was fun. Tonight, Ed and I tried a new pizza place with friends and it was awesome.

I’m very excited about how the marketing workbook for authors, that I am co-writing, is progressing. It’s wonderful to feel the flow of creativity even with nonfiction. The DVD’s I’ve watched and analyzed from the library have all been romantic comedies (also known as chick flicks). My critique partners helped me realize my story style and voice fits this genre. I’ll also be studying classic Rock Hudson-Doris Day movies as recommended.  This will be another new thing for me because I’ve never taken the time to absorb the classics.  😀

I watched the State of The Union Address and, while politics does not compute in my world view, I felt there were significant potentials being stirred. Or maybe it was a a foretaste of having our planetary magnetics and communication grid disrupted with a massive solar flare today.  There are powers and mysteries in play at all times but it’s not my job to worry about them. Hallelujah!

No matter how dramatic and turbulent my life has been, nor how intimidating I can be, I am defining my life purpose to silly romances. They have transformed my life and as an industry insider I know their potential for literacy and marriage counseling. I’m delighted to know how trashy fiction is aligned with the heroes journey, through ancient mythologies, and connects with cultures around the globe.

It’s also fun when I feel confident on where I placed commas in a sentence.

Punctuation is only a few centuries old in the journey of communication. That’s what I worry about.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to The Winds of the Dragon

  1. Trish says:

    Terri – what you call trash romances has fueled an industry of bestsellers. Trash, ha! Thanks for all your tips and I love your new look!


  2. I wonder if there is a boundary between ‘trashy’ and quality or ‘silly’ and sensible. And who decides which is which?


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