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Theresa & Lyndsay

A picture is worth a thousand words. Not. This picture is books worth of words that spans decades. It’s a saga or two.

These two daughters are huge stories that are integral to the greatest challenges I’ve faced and it’s an honor to be their mom.

Daughter #1 (in black) has two sons and attended her first funeral-for-a-friend the day before this photo. She has not had her own wedding (yet).  The bride-to-be is daughter #4 and attended six funerals-for-a-friend at the age of 16.

As a mom I can label my daughters, #1 was my wild child and #4 was my wounded child. But that is such a disservice to the amazing women they are today. The labels also discredit their daddy.

The father-of-the-bride is going to have an emotional event when he walks his youngest daughter down the aisle on 12-1-12. Apocalyptic events are a minor inconvenience in comparison to when a good daddy walks his daughter down the aisle.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to wedding dresses

  1. You sound a wonderful mum, sorry mom! As I get older I seem to get more emotional about family. At my son’s wedding he asked me to read out a poem at the beginning of the service. I’d learnt it by heart, practised it in front of a mirror on the big day. “No problem,” I thought. Until the emotions locked in at the ceremony that is – luckily I had a copy of the poem in my pocket. I looked at my new daughter-in-law and saw tears on her cheeks and I knew my son had made a perfect choice. And now I have my amazing grandson whose first words on entering our house are always, “Where’s grandad.” Though being only 18 months old it’s more like, “wher ganda.” It’s at such times I realise what is really important.


  2. Trish says:

    I know what Mike means about getting more emotional about your family as you get older. I’m the same way. Four daughters…wow…I can barely keep up with one!


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