Candle time

I met with friends at a candle party today. I prefer tea lights and votive sized candles over the pillars. Sometimes I’m in the mood for one sparkle of flame in a pretty holder, other times I create an arrangement. I like small candles to light with an intent or prayer and leave it glow until it is complete.

A lot of my writer friends will light a candle and turn on music as a ritual to stimulate their creativity. They use tea lights as a way to frame their time, writing 3 to 4 hours until it sputters out. I’m going to use this ritual to frame my fiction writing this week as I can easily get distracted with other projects and forget that creating story is my priority. Everything else is business.

I enjoy business, I can multitask better than many and it’s fun for me. In recent months I’ve had a variety opportunities tempt me to revisit business routines and activities that used to shape my schedule.

Writing was always my passion that had to be fit into time slots and I’ve been teased into the nostalgic comfort zone of writing being my passion instead of my business. But during the past few months every time I followed a lead on a job, or explored a project defined by the agenda of others, there was an exciting scramble of anticipation then the flame fizzled out. I shrugged and returned to my writing projects. Then something else popped up. Again. And again.

I even got excited about the business of writing, and writers, and distracted from actually writing. But while drafting pages on my new project this past week, I was reminded of the importance of being in that creative flow daily. My characters can multitask on the pages, and I can delve into business when the candle flickers out.

2 thoughts on “Candle time

  1. Don’t know what just happened to my comment. It vanished. I like the idea of a candle and writing till it goes out. I’ll try that. I still get my best writing done at night.


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