Snoopy dancing

Does everyone have the image? Good, now it’s time for a webbit tour! I was reminded that I hadn’t done one for a while. My webbit tours are a collection of links to different websites that interested me today. So here goes:

The first is one of those “restricted ones” so you can skip it, but it is an interview with a new author friend who I have yet to read but is definitely on my TBR list – that is To Be Read but Matt associates the acronym with  Typical Brain Ridiculousness. So check out  M. L. Buchman at his own website, which is not restricted.  😀

Next up, another writer friend Marc Acito has a great post exploring the question, “Why Bother Writing?” and yes, many of us need to revisit our answer to this craft.

For a some heart stopping True Stories check out Mike Perry’s Heart Saving Coincidences.

And for my final Valentines Gift to you, hop on over to SynchroSecrets where The MacGregors share the history of Charles M. Shultz, the creator of Peanuts and the immortal Snoopy with his happy dance.

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