A text touch

On Tuesday, we got a get well card to send to a family member beginning another round of chemo. As we were on our way to visit the daughter who lives the farthest from us, we decided she could add a note and we’d give it to all our girls to do the same.

Then there were phone calls and text messages to the other three daughters to determine when they could sign it. We added some pictures and it was ready to mail except for one daughter, a CPA, who may have time to meet on Sunday. Or if I wanted to come by her office she didn’t have any meetings scheduled on Friday.

This morning I was doing my hair, and I heard my phone chime that I had a text. When I checked it, it was from our CPA daughter. But it was also the exact same message sent two days earlier, and not the last one, the first one.

Hmm. Weird. Must have been an electronic glitch. So I returned to my hair routine when I remembered, I don’t believe in electronic  glitches. That made me wonder what it was supposed to mean. A few minutes later I realized my lunch date was within a mile of CPA’s office. 😀

I figured out my time frame and sent her a text that I could stop by before my lunch date. Nope, she was at a client for a few hours. Okay, maybe after lunch.

Lunch was done, bill paid, and we were still chatting when the text chimed. CPA was in her office. I stopped by a half hour later.

This is why I pay attention to the little oddities. It wasn’t a big deal to mail the card today, and it wouldn’t have been a big deal to drive over to her house on her day off since it’s near the mall. But if I hadn’t paid attention, it wouldn’t have been a cool story, and so much more fun.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to A text touch

  1. Love the story. I expect sometimes we do miss opportunities to have fun by not paying attention – lesson understood!


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