Today was a day to explore and reconnect with me, my hopes and dreams, the core of what makes life worth living for me. This is a rare opportunity but I was chatting with my sister Rose, yesterday, and I told her something I hadn’t realized until I stated it. I’ve been exploring ways to return to the days when life was busy and fun, and writing was my hobby instead of my career and primary focus.

But it’s not working. I’m the queen of multitasking and have reached a point in my life where I don’t have to juggle a dozen agendas and schedules anymore.  So I checked the date and realized it was Wednesday. This is a big deal because there’s this group of women writers that meet every Wednesday at the college barely a mile from my home, and I haven’t been active at this gathering for years.

Of the twenty attendees at the Chrysalis Women’s Writers  weekly two hour critique and connection session, a third knew me from years ago and were thrilled to reconnect. I’m currently past the midpoint of reading Lisa Novak’s Running Wide Open and it’s a Top Recommend from me for anyone who wants to encourage teen boys to get into reading books. Then there is Roxie, who’s Sanna Series books I’d recommend for teen girls but I may have to give her some pointers on marketing so these books are easier to find. Then there’s Pat Lichen, the moderator for this critique group for so many years, and her book Kidnapping the Lorax that is on the top on my to-be-read pile.

As the large and plush conference room cleared out and all these women left for their daily agendas, I tucked myself into the corner of the room to work on one of my projects. Less than an hour later a few people entered the room for their weekly writer’s club meeting and I was welcomed to remain. They were young college students that shared stuff they’d written. I added nothing to the discussion until the topic was how to differentiate between first, second, and third person as the point-of-view. It was interesting for me to realize I write in all three, first person for memoir and blogs, second person for marketing projects, and third person for my romance novels. 😀

But then I checked the time and realized I hadn’t eaten enough during the day and had to do so early enough to benefit from the Belly-Dancing/Zumba class I attend at 6pm on Wednesday’s with my novelist friend, Jessa Slade.

There were some other details to my day but the core message of today was for me to understand that I’ve been distracted with the business of writing and it is time for me to reconnect with the essence of writing.

4 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. I’m wondering about the fine distinction you’ve made here. By “busineess of writing” do you mean marketing? And is essence the pure creation of going from blank page to words on a page? Just wondering?


    1. The business of writing is more than the marketing, it’s also research for the story and the craft, and editing, and staying aware of the publishing industry.

      The essence of writing is more than words on the page, it’s story telling for a reader experience.


  2. Rose L

    I am so happy that you returned to Chrysalis. I find it so good to be in a room of passion, creativity and friendship. I have not shared lately, but you do not need to. The air seeps into you and begins to “flavor” your writing. I do hope you continue this journey and return to Chrysalis often! I have always enjoyed your comments and help. You can tell you truly are in to writing.


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